Try Face the Ace at Bovada!

What kinds of casino games do you love to play? Whatever the answer might be there is no doubt you will appreciate something a bit different from time to time. Face the Ace certainly fits into that category!

This is a video poker game that you’ll love, even if you don’t generally play poker at all. Let’s discover what it has in store for you!

How does Face the Ace work?

The name of the game comes from the fact that you need to look for faces and aces. The aces are obvious, and the faces are the court cards – Jack, Queen and King.

You can also hold other cards if they appear in a good combination – for example two sevens and two twos are worth holding!

Are there complex rules to read?

If you are familiar with poker you’ll probably be fine to start playing as you will know the hands already. But the game is made easy for you to understand even if you are new to it.

The game screen has a list at the top of all the possible winning hands you could have. This enables you to check what you could win at a glance, since it also has a list of the potential prizes in each case.

You will also find a link to read more information on how to play the game just underneath the game screen. Click on that to open up another window and keep it open to refer back to.

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

The smallest bet you can place is 0.10, while the maximum is 5.00. You can also bet up to five times on a single hand, making the smallest max bet 0.50. Just multiply whatever you want to bet by five to get the amount in each case.

Don’t worry if you’re too nervous to play for real

Face the Ace is available to play in free practice mode whenever you like. This is often the best way to begin, because you can figure out how it works and how to place your bets. Then when you download and play the game for real you can get started with confidence and look for the best possible winning hands.

It is great fun to play Face the Ace at the Bovada Casino . Which winning hands will you manage to reveal?