Santa Slots

Open the Presents On the Tree and Win Cash in Santa Slots

Santa slots kicks things off with Santa's ho ho ho, sleigh bell sounds, and Jingle Bells playing while the reels spin. Win free spins with wild reels or a chance at the pick 'em bonus where you choose the gifts on the tree and win cash and a jackpot prize.

Paytable Prizes Get You Started

The amount you can win depends on the bet you make. If you go for the bottom rung and bet a penny and one credit, the payouts are up to 50 coins for the 10, J, Q, and K to as much as 100 for the A. The candy cane and bell are next at as much as 150 and 200 coins, respectively.

Rudolph pays as much as 300 coins. Rudolph and the elf need two matches before you win a token prize. The rest require at least three matching symbols on an active pay line.

The more you risk, the better your prizes. If you risk 10 credits per line, multiply your winnings by 10. I like to go with a 10 cent coin value and all 10 credits. With that, I'm spending $ 20 per spin and can win up to $400 with the elf and $300 with Rudolph. It's a risk that paid off very well.

Santa appears on the second, third, and fourth reels. He's a wild who can help you get larger payouts. Plus, it's just fun to see his rosy cheeks and hear him shout "ho ho ho" as he helps you win.

Santa's Gift Bonus Game

Golden gift boxes trigger this pick 'em bonus feature. It took about 20 spins, but I finally got three golden gift bonus symbols on the reels. In this game, there are a dozen presents on the Christmas tree. Pick the presents until you find one of the jackpots.

The jackpot was my final pick. I won the mini jackpot and got 10 times my total bet plus the value of all the other gifts for a whopping $900 win. The mini is worth 10x, the minor is worth 25x, the major is worth 50x, and the grand is worth 250x. A few spins later, I won the bonus again and won $960.

Free Spins and Wild Reels

When you get three scatter symbols, you win free spins. Santa turns up to four of the reels into wilds during some of your spins. Even if you don't land a winning combination, scatters pay 2x.

Choose Your Wager

Before you start, place your bet. You have two things to decide. Start with the coin value. It's worth as little as a penny or as much as 50 cents. Next, pick the number of credits (up to 10) you want to risk on each line. There are 20 pay lines in all, and that's not something you can change. Once you've decided on those two things, hit spin or autoplay.

Get ready to win hundreds or thousands of dollars. Head to participating casinos and settle in for a magical holiday game. Play Santa slots now.