Lucky Player Wins Big at Intertops Casino

All casino players dream of hitting a big win once in their lives, and most would be completely satisfied with that single win. In early September, a player at Intertops Casino won two large prizes in one session on two different games. The player, 30-year-old Donovan A., first scored a $120,000 win on Let it Ride and shortly thereafter, managed another substantial jackpot when he scored a $182,000 win in a progressive slot game. Donovan is a regular player at the online casino and regularly plays at a local land-based casino near his home. The lucky gentleman plans to use his prize money to purchase a place in Las Vegas.

Big Wins on More than Just Slot Games

Although two wins of such magnitude in a single gaming session is quite rare, an even bigger surprise was that only one was from a slot game. Traditionally, most large online casino prizes are won on progressive slot machines, like the one that landed Donovan his second win of the day. This leaves many online players with impression that slots are the only way to win big at online casinos, but this is most definitely not the case. Many online games offer gamblers a chance for large payouts, but because slots are the most frequently played games online, they also dominate the large wins that garner the most attention.

Getting Lucky on Let It Ride

Donovan quickly admitted that he chalked his win in Let It Ride up to sheer luck; he normally does not play the game. “I’ve played it enough to know how it works, but it was definitely just a lucky win”, said Donavon. Let It Ride is a poker-style game where winning hands are determined by only the five card hand of the player. It is similar to most video poker games in that there is no other hand to beat, from either a dealer or another player, which is common in traditional poker games. Donovan also admitted, “I knew it was coming when I saw the first three cards”. He also recalled how he jumped out of his chair and then later went to the local casino to celebrate.

The Local Casino vs. Online

Donovan also noted that although he enjoys playing at his local casino for the atmosphere that it provides, he often plays online for the simple fact that the odds seem better. Payout schedules at land-based casinos are less favorable than online, and Donovan noted that because of this, his win on Let It Ride would have been smaller had he been at a land-based casino. While large progressive jackpots are often won at land-based casinos, the overall odds are viewed as better with online slot machines. Virtual establishments have a much lower overhead than land casinos and are better able to increase their payouts because of this.

Online Gaming at Intertops Casino

Intertops has been around since the beginning of online gaming: The casino became the first online sportsbook in 1996 and then became the first mobile betting site in 2000. In 2003, Intertops became the first website to offer sports betting, casino games, and poker via a single player account and login. As a trusted and respected online casino from the beginning, Intertops strives to remain a leader in online gambling. Intertops has also teamed with RTG, an industry leader in casino software, to provide customers with the latest in high-quality gaming.