3 Reasons Classic Slots Aren't Boring

Some people avoid classic slots - that is, slot games with just three reels and a single payline to contend with. They say they are boring, but we think they are anything but.

There are many reasons why playing classic slots is a great experience. You might be surprised to learn they have lots of fans. If so, read the following points to find out more about their entertainment value.

They make a great introduction to slot game play

Are you new to the world of slot games? If so, the more complex slots can be overwhelming to play to start with. The best option, if you want to see how these games work, is to choose a simple slot with just three reels to focus on. There's a limit to the complexity of these slots, and to the additional features they can include. That makes life easier for beginners.

Plenty of them still introduce wilds… and sometimes multipliers as well

Just because a game has three reels and one line to win on, it doesn't mean you won't see any special icons. The scatter is out of reach, but most of these games will include a wild symbol. This might also double as the jackpot symbol.

You might also see one or two multipliers involved with that wild. It is not uncommon to get a 2x multiplier on a prize won with the aid of a wild. Meanwhile, some games up that value to 4x if you find two wilds and another symbol to trigger a three-symbol win.

Many games feature far more than just fruit

Some people get bored seeing fruit filling the reels of slots games. We get that - it's good to play these games but we like to see more innovative themes whenever the chance arises to include them.

Fortunately, lots of developers have created three-reel classics using other themes. Everything from ghosts to ice cream has inspired different versions of the classics. The main game features might be identical, but you'll find lots of variety in terms of the theme itself.

You can see these games are worth a closer look if you haven't seen many just yet. Some people stick with the classics rather than trying more complex games. It just depends what you like most. Try a few and see what you think, and go from there when choosing games in future.