Free Online Games Slots at Bovada

Bovada is a great casino to play some of the best slots available, but did you know that you can play them for free, without even registering? It's true, simply go to Bovada casino and use their practice play mode and you get to check out the game before you play for real! There is a lot to choose from so we have made it slightly easier for you by giving you the low down on a few of the best new releases.

Birds of Fury!

Birds of Fury SlotsThis is simply one the funniest new online slots out there at the moment, and if you have ever played angry birds, you are starting to get the picture of what this slot is all about. The more furious our feathered friends become the better as that just means you are taking their cash from them! The graphics and sounds on this slot are great, as you would expect from Bovada and it's packed full of features. On Birds of Fury you will find a multiplier and wild symbols adding to your bank roll along with a great free spins round and a pick em feature, giving you yet more cash to take home. Check this great slot out today, and don't forget Birds of Fury does have a practice play mode!

DJ Moo Cow!

DJ Moo Cow SlotsTrip the light fantastic with DJ Moo Cow and his posse as they hit the town in some style. This weird and whacky online slot from Bovada will really have you grooving away the night and is packed with bright colors and a sound track that will blow you away. It has everything slots lovers look for in a game with awesome graphics and money spinning features, so as the records play you just concentrate on your bank roll. The wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols apart from the scatter creating those all important win lines and when you drop in the scatter anywhere on lines one, three and five you have activated the DJ Moo Cow Spin Feature. It's a great feature and you simply hit that stop button and wait for the turn tables to reveal two numbers. One number is the multiplier and the other is the amount of free spins you have to play. It's a great feature for a great slot. Hit the dance floor with DJ Moo Cow tonight!

Cleopatra's Gold!

Cleopatra's Gold SlotsCleopatra's Gold gives you the chance to travel back in time to ancient Egypt and discover the hidden treasures of the pyramids. This slot is so well designed and has a great theme. Dropping in three pyramids gives you Cleopatra's Gold free spin, a grand total of 15 of them! Three or more scatter symbols activates yet another 15 free spins. If you like free spin bonus rounds then this slot could well be for you. Check it out in practice play mode and make up your mind!

Dino Island!

Dino Island SlotsThis is a brand new slot from Bovada with an original theme, great graphics and a roaring sound track. Dinosaurs have been found on a remote island, so if they are there, what other amazing things can be found? It's up to you to find out as you take on these huge beats from a world that time long forgot. Dino Island can give you some great prizes especially when you hit on some of the features like the Dino Egg Bonus Feature or get on a lucky streak by using those wild symbols to give you more winning lines. However the prize at Dino Island is the huge progressive jackpot which can be hit after any spin at random! Play the practice mode for free then take on the Dinosaurs for real!