6 Reel Slots

If we asked you to find some 5-reel slot games, you could easily find hundreds of possibilities. However, 6-reel games are far less common - and yet they give you an opportunity to play something bigger, more dynamic, and more in-depth as well.

We're going to guide you through the world of six-reel slot games, so you know what to expect and look for if you ever encounter any. And since they're becoming easier to find online nowadays, it may not be long before you get the chance to try a few.

How to play six-reel slot games

Whenever you see a game with six reels in action, take a little longer to understand how it works. Some have way wins to cover all conceivable ways to find a prize. In the case of a 6 x 4 game - the most common combination for this format - you'll get 4,096 ways to win.

However, the Megaways game engine often appears in 6-reel games too. This means you can play up to 117,649 ways, depending on how many symbols appear on each reel. There could be anything from two symbols to seven on each reel in many of these games, with more appearing on some reels than others on the same spin.

The best bet, then, is to read the instructions for any six-reel game that you find. They're not all going to be the same as each other.

Look for special features to appear

You'll almost always find a mix of wilds and scatters in these games. You'll know that scatters usually unlock the free spin round, with some games giving more spins in exchange for more scatters. The minimum of three scatters is usually correct for these 6-reel slots too, but you also have the chance to get even more spins if you can find six scatters rather than the maximum of five that many other games ask for.

More room for slot game bonuses too

With more symbols landing on a 6 x 4 set of reels, you can imagine that many games go for other special bonuses and features as well. While free spin rounds are hugely popular, as we've seen in many games, there is a chance of spotting one or

two bonus features as well.

These may include random bonuses, crushing symbols or other similar features where winning icons disappear and others from above drop into their places to give another chance for a prize or two.

Game studios are becoming more creative with six-reel slots

You may remember a time when these games were rarities. We recall reviewing a couple from one developer, doing some research, and finding there were only a couple of others widely available.

That's not the case nowadays. You'll easily find plenty of superb six-reel online slot games to try, and we've got a few here to start you off if you want to try some.

Our three favorite six-reel slots

Are you ready to spin six reels rather than five, or even three? No worries - we have some top recommendations for you below.

Raging Rhino:

Don't get in the way of a raging rhino! It pays the top prize in this six-reel slot, which offers 4,096 winning ways and some wild trees to improve your winning chances. Three diamonds scattered around will reward you with eight free spins, but the more you can find, the better the outcome. Six diamonds will bring 50 spins to enjoy as you sit back and watch your progress.


This game has a bonanza of winning potential, gems, and a popular mining theme to look for. Winning reactions change the appearance of the game, we have varying numbers of icons landing on each reel, and you can receive an unlimited win multiplier if you are fortunate to go through to the free spin round.

Pink Elephants:

If you like this one, you should be aware there is a sequel as well. Another 4,096 ways slot game, you can look for a mystery scatter symbol and a chance to play a bonus game called the Elephant Orb bonus. This is separate to the free spin round you could also access as you play.