Online Slots Jackpot Guide

Slot games come in many shapes and sizes, but here we are focusing on jackpot slots. These are slots that have at least one jackpot involved, and there are many variations on that idea.

Local jackpots

This means a jackpot is local to just one casino. So, an online casino offers a slots jackpot game whereby only those bets placed on the game at that casino go into the pot – and even then, only a slice of each one. This means the jackpot stays at lower levels. It also means you’d need to be a member of that casino to stand a chance of winning that jackpot if you played that game.

Network jackpots

Just as a local jackpot is limited to just one casino, so a network (or networked) jackpot comes from bets made at several casinos. For example, six different casinos may all offer the same progressive slot game. A slice of each bet played on the game at all those sites goes into the progressive pot. This makes the jackpot far bigger, often reaching into millions of dollars… but it also means the jackpot is even harder to scoop by any individual player, since more are playing overall.

Progressive jackpots

We’ve mentioned these already. In slots that have progressive jackpots, the pot begins at zero or a predetermined level and gradually increases in value. The more people play and the more bets they make, the bigger the pot becomes.

Fixed jackpots

Some slots have one or more fixed jackpot amounts. They remain at the same amount until someone scoops one, then they reset to that level once more. This means they never grow in size, but they don’t start at low levels either.

Multiple jackpots

No jackpot prizes for working this out! This could be anything from two to four or even five jackpots. Each one is bigger than the one before it. Sometimes, you’ll see them named as mini, minor, mega, and so on. At other times, the creators name the jackpots after the game theme.

Facts to know before playing for slots jackpots

Firstly, the games can have different triggers for the jackpots. For example, a game may have a bonus feature whereby you must match jackpot names to receive the relevant amount, i.e., MINI, MINOR, MEGA, and so on. At other times, you just need a random trigger that can occur after any paid spin.

Secondly, some slots give bigger bettors a higher chance of triggering the jackpot – and sometimes of triggering a bigger portion of the pot too. Check the rules before playing any jackpot game. There are plenty around that offer equal chances for everyone who plays, so look for those if you can.

Thirdly, look at a game’s popularity. If a game is hugely popular with lots of players taking part, you’re going to see the jackpot rise more quickly (unless it’s fixed, of course). In this case, it could drop a bigger prize… although there are more people playing for it too, which could harm your odds.

Finally, make sure you’re playing any jackpot slot the right way. For example, just because a slot game has variable paylines that mean you don’t need to play them all, this could harm your chances of getting any prizes, including the jackpot. Make sure you always cover all the available lines – even if that means choosing a different and more affordable jackpot slot to play.

How much could you receive as a jackpot prize?

This depends on the game you’re playing. However, Mega Moolah from Microgaming, which has four progressive jackpot prizes, is known for paying out millions at a time. So, too, is Mega Fortune, a top slot game from NetEnt.

One top tip we can give you is always to consider the overall appeal of a jackpot slot. Make sure you enjoy playing it and there are other smaller prizes to go for too. The odds of snagging a jackpot of any size are long, so you at least want to have a good time playing and trying to trigger other features as well.

Our top 3 jackpot picks to try

Here we go… our three picks for a jackpot slot if you’re in the mood to play! See what you think of these…

Monopoly Megaways

Everyone loves Monopoly, right? The Megaways version of the famous board game gives you a maximum of 117,649 ways to find some prizes. Six reels, all the famous board game pieces, Reel Adventures, cascading reels, and much more are shoehorned into this game. Stay alert for the usual railway stations, utilities, and other famous Monopoly features too.

Wish Upon a Jackpot

Expect a fairytale setting for this one, although you might have worked that out from the title. Say hello to Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin along the way and see if you can find the six-figure maximum jackpot payout.

Mega Moolah

We wanted to include this one as it is one of the most famous of all. This looks more basic than many other games, but it does offer four progressive jackpots, a wild lion to help with prizes, and the chance of some free spins with a multiplier as well.

How can you improve your winning chances?

If you’re going to play a jackpot slot of any type, remember that the odds are going to be against you – otherwise everyone would win, right?

Some slots do give better odds to players betting the maximum amount though. Others only make the jackpot available to players that do this, excluding everyone else from a chance to scoop it. Check out the rules before you play.

You should also make sure you always cover all the available lines just in case you landed the winning combo on an unplayed line. Can you imagine anything worse? Furthermore, work out the bet you need to play on each line to give you your total bet per spin. Make sure you choose a slot you can afford to play.

Finally, make sure you choose a trusted online casino that always pays out – especially on those jackpot wins. Look at their track records and go for a site you know you can trust. You need to make sure that if you did manage to unlock a jackpot, you could get your hands on it as quickly as possible.