Mad Scientist Slots

Forget about classic online slots. Play Mad Scientist slots and have a few laughs watching his crazy antics while winning huge prizes. There are 20 paylines in all with this 3D slot game, which leaves you with plenty of ways to win.

Bet up to 5 coins on the 20 paylines. Coin values range from 2 cents to $1. This allows you to bet as much or as little as you like. Once you're set, click spin and the reels set into motion.

Symbols in Mad Scientist Slots

All of the Mad Scientist symbols capture things you'd find in a lab. There's the chalkboard wild, test tubes, molecules, microscopes, Tesla coils, power levers, biohazard symbols, high voltage signs, and meters. All of them need at least three matches to win a prize, and prizes range from 5 to 5,000 coins depending on what symbol appears on the paylines. Every symbol adds to the game with unique sounds, bright colors, and 3D graphics.

When you have a win, the symbols become animated and brilliant blue electricity surrounds them. Sounds match the animations, so you hear the electricity hum. This makes it very easy to pick out how much you've won with each payline.

Bonus Features with Mad Scientist

When you get three or more biohazard signs on adjacent reels, the Bio Pick Me game begins. Choose one of the symbols and wait until the prize is revealed. You'll win up to 175 coins.

The Turn to Gold Experiment bonus game launches when you get at least three of the green test tube symbols. This game takes place on a second screen where you decide what to turn gold. The serum will turn the item bronze, silver, or gold. You win the highest prize for the gold.

Three or more Tesla coils leads to the Wild'o'Cution bonus. When this occurs, an entire row turns into a wild card. It's easier to win huge prizes when you have a shocking number of wild cards across the reel.

Where to Find Mad Scientist 3D Slots

Mad Scientist slots is a BetSoft slot game. Play it online in any BetSoft casino. If you want to give it a shot before you sign up with a casino, BetSoft Online Casino allows you to play online for fun without having to create an account. You'll quickly be hooked and want to sign up and play online 3D slot games for hours. Don't forget to look at the current promotions before you play Mad Scientist or other BetSoft slot games.