It Came From Venus Slots

This is a crazy slot from Betsoft with the most original and bizarre theme. Somehow they managed to dream up the idea of a monster sized plant flying to earth from outer space, landing on a farm and getting looked after by a farmer! What's even more strange is the fact that it really does work! Right from the opening scene where you see the farmer hiding behind his barn as the plant falls from the sky in a fiery ball you just know that this slot is going to be a fun game to play. So the plant lands, it's roots take to the earth and it's here to stay. The farmer and the strange plant from Venus become good friends and when the military find out where the plant is hiding they are after it, meaning that the farmer has to do more than simply feed and water it, he has to help keep it from being taken away. This video slot is simply amazing, a real visual treat with a sound track that will have you tapping your toes to it. It also has some fantastic features with the chance to win big prizes.

Packed Full Of Features!

As mentioned, the graphics on this slot are amazing and the symbols are all perfectly designed for the game, the farmer and the plant are wonderful and are joined by a sack of food, a military helicopter, the farmers truck, a sign warning not to enter, a scarecrow and wild symbols. There are so many features on It Came From Venus it's unreal, the feed me free spins are a great addition and when you see three food sacks, you are in. The free spins are awarded and as you collect the cash, there's a good chance that another sack will fall in which turns into a sticky wild and stays in place meaning you get even more rewards! The random wilds are another thing to look out for as not only will they help you form those winning combinations but will also give you a multiplier too. This can be either x2, x3, x5 or a whopping x10. The bonus round is very cool indeed. This is where the plant gets into trouble and is hidden away by the military. You must help the farmer get the plant back home safely by picking which box they have hidden the poor plant in. Choose correctly and the plant goes back to the farm and you get a nice reward. Last up, we have some fun! After each win, you are offered the chance to double up. If you choose to give it a shot then you will be taken to a separate screen where you will watch as the farmer tries to throw food into the plants huge mouth. If the farmer gets it in, you reap the rewards and he keeps on throwing until he misses one and you return to the farm with the loot.

Awesome Fun Game!

It Came from Venus is simply a superb game to play with all the features the online slot player could ask for and more. The features are so cool and a real element of fun has been added to this game. So get down to the farm tonight, save the plant and come home with the cash.