Hot Ink Slots

Tattoos are the theme behind Hot Ink slots. With any tattoo, there's a bit of a burn before the final product appears, but this game gives you all of the excitement without the pain. It's a game where you'll win huge prizes and see artistic tattoos come to life on sexy women without paying the cost. Play Hot Ink slots and reap the financial gain.

There are 1,024 ways to win in Hot Ink slots. That's unheard of in many slot games, and a perk for you. With every spin, you generally win something, even if it is one of the smaller prizes. It could be a huge prize or one of the bonus features though, so it's worth spinning Hot Ink reels to find out what's in store. With best ranging from 1 to 25 cents on up to 50 paylines, you don't have to risk a lot on this Microgaming selection.

Artistic Symbols in Hot Ink Slots

The symbols found in this tattoo-themed bonus game range from the woman getting the tattoo to the artist. There are tattoo designs, Hot Ink logos, and the Tattoo Bonus symbol. Three of the Hot Ink symbols is worth 1,000.

Angel and Luci are the two women covered in tattoos. They're worth up to 750 coins, but if they appear in a combination on an active payline across all five reels. you'll win 500 coins, so that's not bad. The tattoo artists is worth up to 400 coins, the parlor is worth up to 300 coins, and the entrance to the parlor is worth up to 200 coins.

Hot Ink Bonus Features

Do you have a combination you like, and spinning all of the reels again isn't ideal? Use the respin option to spin just one wheel. This is especially beneficial if you have two of the bonus symbols and want to get that third so that you can play the bonus game. The price to respin is featured at the bottom of the reel and may be as little as a cent or as much as a few dozen Euros.

The Tattoo Bonus occurs when you land at least three Tattoo Bonus symbols. You're taken to three tattoo design books. Choose your arm, back, or leg and watch as the tattoo appears. You win cash for each tattoo applied to the female's body. If the theme one all three tattoos match, you win 10 free spins too.

The Pisces symbol is your ticket to free spins. If you get at least three of these symbols, you win 2x and up to 20 free spins. There's the possibility of winning up to 100,000 coins during this fun bonus. The only way to win these free spins and other bonuses is by heading to your favorite Microgaming casino and selecting to play Hot Ink slots now.