Gladiator Games Slots

Did you enjoy the Hollywood movie, Gladiator? Well, you can now relive the excitement of this movie in a Roman gladiator-themed slots machine. When you play Gladiator Games Online Slots, you will experience what it is like to battle opponents, use armor and fight lions. This video slot is an exciting combat game that will give you many different ways to help you win money.

Game Facts for Gladiator Games Slot Game

Gladiator Games Slot is a fast-paced game with 5 reels and at least 30 paylines. Players can choose to try the free trial or play for real money. The game is ideal for all skill levels from beginners to advanced. The coin amount that can be wagered ranges from $0.05 up to $2. The highest jackpot is a massive 5000 coins.

The symbols in the game are true to the Gladiator theme. Some examples of symbols include the Shield, Helmet, Sword, Banquet, Lion, Lion Cage, Gold Coin and Coliseum. The wild symbol is the Lion in Cage. This symbol can substitute for other symbols, except the scatter. The scatter symbol is Gold Coin.

Gladiator Games Bonus Game and Features

Gladiator Games Slot will quickly replace other games as your favorite. When the wild symbol, the Lion Cage appears on the reels, it can change the Lion symbols to wild in the paylines to cause a win.

One of the main goals during the game is to increase the amount of money in the trophy chest. The Gold Coin will act like a scatter to do so. The Trophy Bonus Coliseum Feature starts begins when the player has accumulated different weapon symbols such as the helmet, shield, sword and armor.

Afterwards, a player will find himself transported to the Coliseum to fight in the arena. The game feature involves a duel using different strategies to beat the opponent. There are three battle strategies available such as Attack, Defense and Charisma. Players must win the battle in the Coliseum Arena to receive the money collected in the trophy chest. If a player does not win the battle when in the Coliseum, the money in the trophy chest is lost and the game feature ends.

Here is your chance to continue your love of combat games and the Gladiator movie. When you play Gladiator Games, you can enjoy the sights of being a Roman Gladiator. Download this game to see how much money you can accumulate in your trophy chest.