Football Gladiators Slots

You would think this game would be a simple football-themed one, wouldn't you? Well, hang on a moment. The mention of gladiators in the title is a huge clue to what you will find in this mash-up of two themes - ancient Rome and football. It seems an odd mix, but it works remarkably well and sets this game apart from many others on football.

Quantity of reels and lines

Five reels mean you can guess there might well be 25 lines to bet on.

Coins you can use on each line

Bet up to four coins per line here, wagering between a cent and 50 cents on each coin.

Special symbols worth watching out for

You get to choose your wild in this game. You're shown four football players prior to starting play, and whichever one you pick is the wild.

Bonus features

If the Arena bonus icon shows up on reels two and four at once, you will get the chance to choose one of two bonus features. You might choose the Battle Bonus. If so, you must then select a monster to fight. There are different risk levels associated with each one. The more challenging it is, the more you could potentially win if things go your way. Multipliers of between 2x and 4x are on offer here.

You could choose the Chariot Race Bonus instead. There is a choice here as well, to go for seven, 10, or 15 free spins. The relevant multipliers here are 5x, 3x, or 2x respectively for any prizes won. If you get to unlock it more than once, you could choose a different scenario. The same applies with the Battle Bonus if you pick that one.

Check out the Football Gladiators slot available for download now

We can honestly say we have never before played a slot game where the theme is 'footballers meet monsters', or something of the sort. It looks like a disaster and it does appear to be the strangest mix of themes we have ever seen. But it works. Somehow, it works! Maybe the quality of the bonuses has something to do with it. Additionally, you do have plenty of choice in that respect, which we always appreciate, and we are sure you do too.

If you want to get started, download Football Gladiators and pick your lucky footballer now. Who knows how helpful they might be?