Safari Sam Slots

Head on an African safari adventure with Sam your tour guide and a young native when you play Safari Sam slots . Coin values in Safari Sam range from 2 cents to $1. You can bet up to five credits per line, and there are 30 paylines in all.

When you play Safari Sam slots, expect to laugh. From time to time, the young native appears and torments Sam. It's funny watching these animated antics. In addition, the audio is fun too. African beats play while you spin the reels.

Winning Combinations and Payouts

Every symbol in Safari Sam slots is representative of an African safari. At the very bottom of the paytable, there are the safari supplies and four animals (gorilla, lion, monkey, and zebra). With each of them, you need three matching symbols on an active payline, and they must run from left to right. Prizes range from 5 to 100 coins for a one-coin per payline bet or 25 to 500 for a five-coin bet.

The native girl and Safari Sam are worth anywhere from 350 to 2,500 coin. The tree scatter is worth 90 to 300 coins. There are also special features that help increase their value.

Safari Sam Bonus Features

One of the most rewarding symbols is the random wild. This isn't just any wild. When it appears it will have a multiplier showing up on the front that could be 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x. That turns a 50 coin payout into an impressive 500 coins.

If the three animals appear together on the first payline, you win the Wild Animals Free Spins bonus. Before you take your free spins, you choose an animal. That animal becomes a wild card. All of the money you earn during the free spins is doubled.

After a win, you can attempt the “Double Up” bonus. A new screen appears with a coin toss. Choose heads or tails. If you correctly predict the outcome of the coin toss, your winnings double.

If you get three of the same symbols in a reel, you win a 3x multiplier and the symbols collapse. The Stacked Collapsing Wins bonus then fills the empty slots with new symbols to help you earn more money. This bonus feature is only available if you bet on all 30 paylines, and it doesn't appear during free spins.

The safari/binoculars bonus symbol is another important symbol in Safari Sam slots. When you get three or more of this symbol, you earn a chance to play a bonus game. During this game, you pick a safari destination and watch for animals. Keep picking new destinations until you find the word “collect.” At that point, your winnings are tallied and the bonus feature ends.

Play Safari Sam slots and enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa while raking in impressive amounts of cash. You won't be sorry you've given this 3D slot game a chance.