Free Slot Machines with Bonus Rounds

Free slots are always fun to play. You can often learn how to play a game and what to expect from it before placing any proper bets. Free slots also come with bonus features on occasion, and when you find these games, you should be ready to give them a try.

We thought we’d look at bonus features in more detail, so you can see what you should expect.

Bonuses are offered in addition to the base game

We are all familiar with the reels that appear in lots of slot games. However, bonus features typically work in a different way. Free spins are sometimes mentioned as bonuses, and they are of sorts. However, you can often play on-reels bonuses where you get to choose certain icons that have appeared, allowing you to win some prizes as you do so.

They’re often second screen bonus features

The best bonuses, in our humble opinion, are those that take you away from the reels. These occur on another screen, hence the second screen name. They can therefore occur anywhere. The game creators will usually choose a setting that relates to the theme of the game. You can then perform the actions required in that bonus to see what the outcome is.

Is there luck or skill involved in winning prizes?

Very often, these bonus games involve nothing more than luck in getting a prize at the end. Most of them do guarantee a prize, but then you cannot always guarantee that!

You simply need to follow the instructions to determine the outcome. Some games require you to exercise some skill in determining the outcome. For example, you might need to use your arrow keys to maneuver a space ship to avoid potential obstacles.

If you like what you see in these games, you should consider playing some slots with bonus games for real cash instead. If you are already a member of an online casino, chances are you already have access to the biggest and best games. But even if you only ever play for fun, you can enjoy these games just for that reason alone today.