Bust-a-Vault Slots

Bust-a-Vault Slots
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The Rival Gaming venture Bust-a-Vault slots is an eye-catching money-maker that lets you know right away what it's all about. Banks and money are the themes in this 3 reel, single payline web-based video slot machine, which boasts a riveting jackpot heist of two thousand coins and a progressive, five dollar minimum coin betting size of ten thousand dollars. The distinctly Las Vegas styled interface of this straight-to-the-point slot can give you generous wins with just three combinations, with a jackpot in ascending order of the coin size you choose to play.

Bust-a-Vault Game Details

The vividly-rendered graphics and enchanting music of Bust-a-Vault are further heightened by the exciting and varied gameplay, with a Cherry symbol serving up the jackpot as soon as it shows up on the payline. Other symbols are the Orange, Lemon, and more general fruity flavors. Getting combinations of these on the reels is good for multiplying whatever you win by three, making Bust-a-Vault one of the most generous online casino slots around. Furthermore, after you download now, you'll encounter even more lucrative symbols: the bar symbols in the right combinations can multiply your original bet by a factor of five.

Raising the stakes, Bust-a-Vault has the Wild and Multiplier a well. The Wild symbol is a safe colored a lime-green, which triples your payout once you land a winning combination. So while you can find places to play Bust-aVault without spending a dime, you won't win many more dimes either unless you download now and take advantage of all the in-built mechanisms that make this game a literal winner. Here's a rundown of what Bust-a-Vault's symbols have to offer the eager casino gamer:

  • Red double cherries symbol: three of these double cherries across the reels nets you the maximum three hundred coins. One through six coins are available with other combinations of cherries.
  • Orange fruit symbol: three oranges across the reels will get you either seventy five, one hundred fifty or a whopping two hundred twenty five coins.
  • Lemons/limes symbols: three of these appearing at once on the video slot board means you win thirty coins, sixty or maybe even ninety coins.
  • Three bank bar symbols nets you either twenty five, fifty or seventy five coins as your take-home prize.
  • Two bank bars on the payline nets you ten, twenty or thirty coins to line your pockets.
  • A single bank bar gets you a still nice sum of either five coins, ten or fifteen coins – as a progressive slot, it all depends on the coin amounts you placed as your initial bet.

So, while you can try your hand at Bust-a-Vault in the free Flash version, you sont be privy to all these winnings unless you download now and install the casino software to start racking up and planning your heist. The animation of this popular game will draw you in, but it's the easy winnings that will keep you coming back for more.

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Bust-a-Vault Slots

Type3-reel, classic
Coins per line3
Coin size$0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00
Max Bet$15
SymbolsBars, Cherries, Lemons, Oranges, Safes
Skill stopno
Expected payback95%
Fun moneyyes
Instant playyes
SoftwareRival Gaming
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