AstroPay Card

AstroPay Card is a virtual banking method you access through an app you install on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. It's safe, secure, and transactions are processed and available instantly. You can use the funds on your card to buy items, make a casino deposit,pay bills, collect money after selling an item online, or transfer your winnings to the virtual debit card.

Signing Up is a Two-Stage Process

To sign up with AstroPay Card, you start by filling out a quick online form with your name, email, and password. Wait for the confirmation email and click the link. You'll complete registration by completing your contact information, date of birth, and providing your ID number, such as a driver's license.

After you sign up, you can add funds to your virtual card. The list of options available in your country will appear on your screen. It does vary from area to area. Some of the options include print and pay with retailers like 7-Eleven, Sams Club, and Walmart. Neteller may also be available.

To use your funds, look at the card number, CCV code, and expiration date. Enter those as you would a credit or debit card number.

Pay Close Attention to the Terms of Service

Before you submit that form, take time to print and read the terms of service. There are rules you should understand. First, AstroPay Card can close your account and keep your funds if you don't use the money by the expiration date on your virtual debit card. They can also charge you transaction fees. If there are fees involved, you'll be told before you finalize a transaction.

They can increase fees at any time and will send you an email before they do. If you don't agree, you have 30 days to close your account. If you don't tell them in time, they can deduct new fees from your balance. They also have the right to close your account if you do too many chargebacks, use the funds for fraud or illegal activities, or fail your login too many times. Make sure you know your password and login information.

If you're looking for a virtual banking option that is safe and secure, AstroPay Card is ideal. Sign up today and get started.

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