3X Gold'N Slots

3x Gold’n is a strange title in some ways, yet it does suggest we have a golden slot in one way or another. With gold bars scattered around the game logo, we guess that’s the focus of the slot. We are going to take you through all areas of the game though, so if you are curious enough to read a 3x Gold’n slot game review, you’ve got it right here.

Developer details for 3x Gold’n

This is one of many online slots to come from the minds at Wager Gaming.

We have a demo to try as well as the real game

If you’re keen to know more about the slot before you decide to play some real coins on it, you can select the demo to give you that chance.

What’s the theme about?

We’ve got a theme based on gold here and little else. The game uses golden tones for the background, plus those gold bars, so there are some hints to go by there.

Is this a modern design?

No, far from it, although it does still have a lot of charm. This is a basic game with some features we think you’ll like. Expect a few bar symbols in various colors, giving you another hint about the size of the game.

How to play the 3x Gold’n slot game

If you hadn’t already worked out that this is a three-reel game, we guess you now know, as we’re confirming it here.

The 3x Gold’n oval logo is the wild symbol, and it offers a 3x multiplier on any prize. Finding two of them is better still, as it pushes the multiplier for the prize up to 9x.

How many lines can you bet on?

There is only one line in this game.

How much does it cost to play?

You can see the answer by trying the demo first. The smallest coin is worth a cent, and you can choose to play one, two, or three coins on the line on each spin. The game has a series of other available coins as well, and in common with lots of other Wager Gaming titles, the largest of these is $10.

An easy to spot paytable

Yes, you’ll see the game has some buttons underneath the reels to make it look more like a real slot game machine. On the far left, you’ll see one that says PAYTABLE. That’s the one to hit to find out more.

No bonus features in this game

You might already have guessed this for the 3x Gold’n slot, as there are no suggestions of any bonuses anywhere.

You cannot snag any free spins either

No – this is a small game, with the wild symbol offering the only perk to look for along the way.

Do we know what the RTP is?

This means return to player, relating to the amount returned in prizes to players over the life of the game. The game offers no info on this percentage.

Our rating for the 3x Gold’n slot game

If you like basic slots with a wild thrown in for more appeal, this one certainly does tick that box – especially with the chance of a multiplier. We think it’s a solid 6.5 game, scoring it out of 10 points.

What’s the biggest available prize in this slot game?

It depends how many coins you choose to play on the payline. However, if you go for the maximum of three coins, you’d receive 15,000x your bet if you landed three wilds on the line.

Play the demo to find out more about it

3x Gold’n isn’t going to appeal to everyone, so it’s cool to have that demo to help you decide whether it is right for you.

Will you move onto the real game?

After trying the demo, you can decide whether the real version of the slot game is

going to appeal more.

See if you can find this one on mobile devices

Many mobile-friendly casinos do offer Wager Gaming titles for Android and iOS, so you ought to check on this before visiting a participating site.