3X Cool Cherry Slots

A cherry wearing sunglasses… well, we guess it was only going to be a matter of time before someone came up with that image to use in a slot game, right? We’ve got a superb slot to review for you here, called 3x Cool Cherry – and we can see that cherry sure is cool with those shades on! Come with us as we take you through all the facts you need to know.

Who came up with the 3x Cool Cherry slot game?

This one comes from the popular set of slots created by Wager Gaming.

Can you try a demo first?

It may depend on the casino you visit to check it out. That’s because some of the progressive jackpot games from Wager Gaming don’t include a practice version.

Does this slot have a theme?

You could call it a classic theme, thanks to the cherries and other familiar symbols you might see along the way. There are still a few other elements to note though, so let’s continue with those.

Does it offer a classic design?

Yes, there isn’t much to the background, but that’s because most of the screen offers a giant look at the reels. It’s quite colorful though, so the eye-catching element is certainly there.

How to play the 3x Cool Cherry slot game

Firstly, we should mention that this slot has a progressive jackpot, so it carries far more than just the usual fixed prizes on the paytable.

Watch for the cherry-based logo to appear on the reels, as this carries a wild role along with a 3x multiplier. If you get two of these on the payline along with anything else, you’ll net 9x the usual prize, as the multipliers work together.

How many lines does 3x Cool Cherry have?

Only one, which you might have worked out by now.

Place your bets for the slot

You can begin from a penny per go, with other coins taking you up to the maximum of $10 per go. You can also choose up to three coins for the payline on each spin.

No issues finding the paytable

That’s because it’s right at the top of the screen, so you can always refer back to it when required.

No bonus feature in 3x Cool Cherry slots

You might have guessed as much, given the small nature of the game.

What about the chance of some free spins?

You won’t find any of these in the game, given its size.

RTP for 3x Cool Cherry

The return to player value hasn’t been added to the game, so we cannot update you on that, sadly.

Did we like this slot game?

We did, but there is no doubt that it is a basic one. It’s designed for that purpose and audience, although the two multipliers for the logo are clearly promising to see if they help you with a prize. We’re giving it 6.5 out of 10.

What’s the jackpot?

It looks like 1,500 coins if you play with three coins of any value and manage to get three wilds on the payline.

Play the game for a while in demo mode

It’s the best way to find out whether this has everything you could want from a slot game.

Play for real with a few pennies on 3x Cool Cherry

If you like three-reel slots, this one does have a few little tweaks that make it worthwhile playing even on a smaller budget.

Can you find this one in a mobile casino?

Check out a casino offering Wager Gaming three-reel slots and see if you can play the 3x Cool Cherry online slot on Android or iOS too.