7 Fortune Frenzy Slots

7 Fortune Frenzy Slots

If you are ready for yet another slot game review from our experts, we have one here for the 7 Fortune Frenzy slot. This sounds like a frenzied title, so we wonder what it tells us about the actual game. We chose to play it for a while to get some more details to share with you here, so see what you think of it without betting - at least to begin with.

Developer details for 7 Fortune Frenzy

We have another title here from the ever popular Betsoft brand.

Demo action available

Betsoft doesn't let us down here - in fact, it rarely does on this score.

Theme details are sketchy

This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the slot - far from it. In fact, we can tell you that the game is simply one of those without a strong theme.

It boasts a far more powerful design though

This seems to take us into space, where the reels are set to spin and hopefully bring in some prizes. Despite the lack of a theme, the icons certainly get a shiny and sensational appearance. It does get your attention throughout.

Discover the basic features in 7 Fortune Frenzy slots

This is a three-reel game, although you will see a fourth reel separate from those too, on the right. Betsoft hasn't included any progressive prizes, and you won't see wilds or scatters here, but there is more to reveal yet.

Paylines… or payline?

The latter is true here, with only one payline in play.

Begin playing for real from just six cents a go

With only one line to bet on, you can start playing from six cents a time. Various other wagers are provided too, going to the maximum of $30 on a spin.

Paytable info in 7 Fortune Frenzy

This is well designed, as you'd expect from Betsoft, and you can figure out how to play the game by checking through this first.

Will you trigger a bonus frenzy?

Let's hope so. When you bet on the reels, they'll all spin - including that fourth one. If you spin a prize into view on the main three reels, you could see something happen on the fourth reel.

If 18x BET shows up, your prize will receive either an 8x multiplier or one worth 18x. If the 8x WIN logo appears, your prize will be multiplied by 2x, 5x, or 8x at random, depending on which value the game awards.

Another possibility is to trigger the RESPIN logo. This means all four game reels spin again. You are guaranteed to get a prize here that is worth between 1x and 4x its usual value. If another RESPIN logo lands on the fourth reel, this occurs again. The most you can get is five respins one after the other.

You can't get any free spins though

7 Fortune Frenzy doesn't include free spins, instead opting for the respin chance via the extra reel.

Betsoft sticks with the standard desired RTP

The return to player for the slot game comes in at an even 96%.

Is it worth playing 7 Fortune Frenzy?

This is certainly one for the three-reel fans who want to see something more offered on the reels. It takes a modern appearance and offers several neat features if you can land them on that extra reel. This is a decent 7.5 out of 10 game.

Three flaming 7s will bring the top prize

If you manage to land those on the payline, you'll find the best prize in the game. We hope you can also land the biggest 18x multiplier via the fourth reel too, as this will give you an even bigger reward.

Demo play lets you see how the game works

Will 7 Fortune Frenzy be the perfect slot game for you? There is just one way to find out, and it's a way without risk thanks to the demo game.

Play for real when you see this slot at a participating casino

Lots of sites have Betsoft games, and this is a newer one among many others, so there is an excellent chance that you'll find it there.

Mobile action available as well

You can pick up your smartphone or tablet and get to grips with this slot game on those too.