Sizzling Summer Slots

Is summer your favorite season? It could be when you check out the Sizzling Summer slot game, fresh and ready to go online at your favorite casino. This game has some neat features involved and takes you to a gorgeous beach with the promise of a bar. But what else can you expect to find if you visit this beach?

Developer information for Sizzling Summer slots

Arrows Edge has added this game to its ever-growing collection, so you can look forward to checking out their sizzling title.

Demo potential

As with many other games from Arrows Edge, Sizzling Summer does come with access to a practice version. We’d suggest checking that out to get a better idea of what is involved before playing for real.

Can you work out the theme?

The title kinda gives that away, doesn’t it? The summer setting, the beach, the sea, the surfboard and umbrella… all these elements appear in the opening image alone, so you can rest assured you’ll enjoy a seasonal theme here.

A typical Arrows Edge design

If you have played Arrows Edge games before, you’ll know most of their titles have a certain look about them. That’s no terrible thing either – most developers have a few ‘tells’ like this. The game looks great and uses plenty of colors to get that summer feeling across.

What to expect from the Sizzling Summer slot game

The game has three reels, so it is smaller than many of their other games. There are two progressive jackpots involved – plenty for such a small slot game. These appear to have random triggers. As a small slot game, there isn’t a wild symbol here. It doesn’t have a scatter either, although you can look for a Blazing Bonus symbol during the game.

How many lines can you play on?

Just two – an unusual number, even for a three-reel slot.

Place your bets!

There are several options to choose from before you play. With just two lines to play on, most players should find this an affordable game with plenty of scope to make bets to suit their budget.

Paytable details

If you want to get the full lowdown on this slot game before you play – as you always should, of course – make sure you check the paytable. It tells you all the rules and details for the slot.

What about that Blazing Bonus symbol?

Look for this to appear on the first and third reels on the same spin. If it does, you can choose one of them to see what prize it is hiding. You can either take it or reject it and choose the other symbol instead.

No free spins in this game

No, you won’t find anything along these lines in this slot.

RTP details for Sizzling Summer

Does this slot have a sizzling return to player value? According to details from Arrows Edge, it comes in at 94.62%, which is below the average for slots online today. However, that is the base game, and since the game does have jackpots involved, there is a slightly higher RTP value when you take those into account as well. They raise the value to 95.77%.

Our rating for this game

Sizzling Summer is a great three-reel game with a few perks involved. It’s worth a 6.5 out of 10 score, we think.

Watch out for winners of the two progressive jackpots

Arrows Edge is known for having three progressives, with one or more of them featuring in many of their slots. In this case, we have the Cash Grab Jackpot and the Super Slots Jackpot, with the second one offering the biggest prize potential.

Play for entertainment all through the year

We love the fact you can try the demo of this game, as it gives you more info and insight into what to expect from it. You’ll soon know whether you would like to switch to the real version.

Play the low volatility game for real

Casinos offering Arrows Edge games should have the Sizzling Summer slot ready for you to play too. Its low volatility level should make this appealing for many players.

Mobile accessibility is cool too

Yes, you can choose how you want to play this game, whether to do so on a regular computer or to go for a tablet or smartphone. It should work just fine on any device.