Sugar Pop Slots (Betsoft)

Sugar Pop! slots is one of the best 3D Arcade slots from the Betsoft Gaming library. This bonus slot game definitely whets the appetite for sweet treats and cash prizes! Bets start at 2 cents and you can bet up 250 coins on the square grid.

As you watch Sugar Pop! slots opening while the game loads, you may have the popular board game Candy Land come to mind. Cupcake houses, lollipop and cotton candy forests, and chocolate mountains all appear before your eyes. The game may take a little longer than some slot games to load, but it's worth it!

Arcade Action

Unlike many slot games where reels spin and winnings are based on lining up symbols on a payline, Sugar Pop! slots is a little more like Bejeweled. Candies fall into place and any time they line up with at least three matching candies adjacent to one another (horizontally or vertically), you win a prize for each connected candy. Those candies then explode and new ones fall in place. The more candies that match up, the more you win.

The candy values are as follows:

  • Pink – 20
  • Purple – 30
  • Orange – 40
  • Yellow – 50
  • Green – 60
  • Blue – 75
  • Red – 100

Level Up

Each time you clear a board on Sugar Pop!, you move up a level. You'll see how close you are to leveling up by watching the glass meter on the right fill up with blue liquid. When it's full, you collect your winnings for that level and start the next one.

Special Candies

Each level leads to a new candy appearing on the board. These candies have special features that make them extremely worthwhile. The lollipop scrambles all the candies on the board. White chocolate squares spit almonds at other candies to make them explode. The gumdrop vacuums up other candies from the board until it explodes. Each time, new candies fall into place helping to boost your winnings.

Bonus Patterns

The five by five grid of candies has a special bonus pattern set off to the side. When candies explode in the right square, you begin building this bonus pattern. When you complete it, you get up to 600 additional coins.

Get ready to play Sugar Pop! slots at Betsoft casinos. It's quite an addicting game, but with bets as low as 2 cents and wins coming rapidly, you don't have to spend a lot to have hours of fun.