How Much Money Does A Casino Make In A Day?

This is a question lots of people must wonder about. Las Vegas is home to many casinos, all of which entertain hundreds if not thousands of players per day. So, how much money does each casino make?

Well, one survey conducted by the University of Las Vegas discovered 23 casinos in that area brought in $5 billion in 2023alone. Divided equally between the 23 casinos, that works out to a cool $630,000 a day. Yes, each day!

Of course, all casinos have a house edge on all the games offered to players. That is where the RTP (return to player) comes in. This percentage should be as close to 100% as possible for you. Playing a game with 98% RTP is preferable to choosing one that only has an 89% RTP, since the remainder of the percentage that would add up to 100% goes to the casino as the house edge. Of course, if casinos didn't make any money, they wouldn't be able to offer so many games. No jackpots would be available to win either. That is the beauty of casinos - we all know they make money from each bet, but there is always that chance we could come away with more than we started with.