Walking Death Slots

Walking Death Slots
There are no prizes to be won here for guessing which TV show inspired this zombie-filled slot game. Walking Death describes the ghostly, horror-filled slot very well. Prepare to be faced with grinning skulls, ghostly figures, flaming hats (yes, really), and fiery pumpkins in this slot. It would make the ideal game to enjoy come Halloween, or any day you feel like having a fright on the reels!

Reels and paylines

The game uses a familiar format you’ve no doubt seen before. There are five reels in play here, accommodating 40 fixed lines to bet on.

Coins in use

Since 40 lines must be played in Walking Death, you can expect to see a 40-cent bet as the lowest wager to work with. There are other coins too, accessible by using the arrows shown.

Walking Death special symbols

There is a ghostly blue wild icon appearing on the reels. This is a suitably spooky version of the word itself. It will replace most things you might see elsewhere, but not the scatter. That’s quite normal for a slot game. The wild appears on reels two, three, and four.

The scatter is a lovely image of a skeleton in a coffin. Yep, we did say this would be a horror-filled slot! You will need three of these at the minimum to score a scatter prize. There is another perk involved with the scatter too, which you will discover shortly.

Walking Death bonus features

Scattered skeletons in coffins are good to find in this slot game. If you get three, you’ll get a scatter coin win plus 12 free games. Four will win you 200 coins and 20 free games. Five is the ultimate though – you’ll win 400 coins plus 40 free games in that instance. If you win something in a free spin and one or more wilds appear there too, you’ll get a multiplier equaling the number of wilds you discovered in that spin.

Download and play the thrilling Walking Death slot game now

There are plenty of freaky and frightening games around online today. Walking Death is a great addition to the Halloween- and horror-themed slots area of games. If you are in the mood for something like this, Walking Death is the one to try. Will you find enough zombie hands, pumpkins, and skulls to score some pleasing coin wins?