Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Are you prepared to try something different today? If so, you can enjoy Cubee: The Travel Adventure. This is one cool game – very different from the average slot game but packing in some excellent features.

It might take a short while to understand how it works. However, our review should make life easier for you. You can also play the demo game to check it out.

Are there reels and lines in this game?

No – instead of reels and lines, each spin reveals eight icons spinning into view. The combination of icons you receive will determine what happens next. It could mean a win or maybe Cubee getting stronger. You might also see him clobber his enemy. More about that in a moment.

Coin values in action

You can start at 0.10 per spin, heading up to a maximum of 50.00 per spin. Do note each bet amount has its progress saved within the game. So, if you start the game at 0.20 per spin and decide to reduce that to 0.10 per spin after a few goes, you will start your progress again at that new spin amount. The old amount’s progress is saved, however.

How do you play the game?

You’ll see a time travel portal in the center of the play screen. Cubee appears on the left and his arch enemy, Rocco, is on the right. Eight icons appear out of the portal per spin. These could be enemies (Spike, Lucifer, Bones, or Casper), weapons, or energy balls.

The energy balls give Cubee energy and make him stronger. They also mean he can defeat more enemies within the game. The paytable reveals how many energy balls allow Cubee to become equal to or more powerful than each enemy. Weapons will allow Cubee to hit Rocco to weaken him.

Move through three periods in time

Beginning in the Stone Age, the game takes you into the Piracy Age once Rocco has been beaten. From there, you can eventually make it through to the Viking Age. The background and the way Rocco is dressed will change each time.

The Piracy Age gives you the chance to win free games from the cannons that appear. You can also earn a multiplier from the Viking Age. Once Cubee reaches Cubeeland, the free games won will be played.

Download and play Cubee: The Travel Adventure today

You won’t want to miss this unusual yet captivating game!