Zombie FC Slots

That title gives us two huge clues to how this game is going to play out. Firstly, we have the zombie, and yet we get the feeling there will be more than one popping up here. Or should that be shuffling? We then have the FC part of the title. You may know this stands for football club, and it means you are up against some footballing zombies…

Are you ready?!

Which developer came up with the idea for Zombie FC?

This game comes from Bovada Gaming, so you can expect to find it at the Bovada Casino.

Can you play a demo of the new slot game?

You sure can – just make sure you select the demo opportunity before deciding whether to move on to the real version of this slot.

Does the game provide us with a good theme?

Zombies and football… what’s not to like? We have seen a few slots in recent years that have mixed some diverse themes together with pleasing results. We’re going to pop this one into that category as well.

What’s the design like?

As you might guess, the game takes place inside a football stadium. It looks a little unnerving though… are the crowds filled with zombies or is that just the football team? We can’t tell. There is a thundery sky above though, and the whole thing has the feel of a decrepit and washed-out setting.

The reels are set inside the goalposts at one end of the pitch. You will also see the words Zombie FC above the goal.

What sort of slot game type will we play?

This is a standard 5 x 3 game, meaning it has five reels and three rows in place. One thing we do not have is a progressive jackpot. However, they have thrown in some cool features to look out for, and we’ll come to those in a moment.

Meanwhile, you should watch out for a zombie to shuffle into view. Don’t worry about escaping from it though – this is the wild symbol. It’s an expanding wild too, so you can imagine how promising this might be.

A football is also provided, acting as another type of wild. This one only appears on the final three reels of the game rather than all of them. A blood-spattered trophy is used as a free spin icon, and finally some blood might appear on its own on the reels. This one counts as a Tumbling Reels icon.

No paylines to be found here

You might guess that means we are in for some winning ways instead. There are 243 of them, as is always the case in 5 x 3 formatted slots.

Betting options to think about

Most slot games have a wide range of bets players can choose from. This one is no different. There are small and affordable bets to play with, not to mention much bigger ones reaching as high as $100 per spin. The cheapest you can go with is a 50-cent bet. Since we have 243 ways in action here, only one coin can be chosen to play on each spin. Choose wisely and bear your budget in mind.

Find out everything you need to know about Zombie FC from the paytable

This is where the details of the game can be found. Look out for the regular symbols, the special symbols, and details of the various features you can look forward to.

Is there a bonus round?

Not as such, but we do have that Tumbling Reels feature to cover. Whenever the drop of blood appears and you score a prize, new symbols will fall into play from above. This means you get another chance to receive a prize, if the new symbols manage to form a successful combination for you.

What about some free spins?

We did cover the presence of that trophy splattered with blood. We sure hope it is zombie blood. It turns out the trophy is scattered as well as splattered, so you need only find three anywhere in the same spin to benefit from some free games. You can also secure a multiplier worth anywhere up to 14x in this round, so the potential to walk away with some good credit prizes is significant here.

What is the RTP for the Zombie FC slot game?

This is unknown, but we know that other Bovada slots have respectable RTPs, so we guess this one will too. New games can be hard to figure out the RTPs for, so once it has been played many times, we should have some stats for you.

Does this slot get a good game rating from us?

It does. We aren’t huge fans of zombie slots or those featuring football, but we love the design and we think there is enough here to give it an 8 out of 10 rating.

Will we hear about any slot game winners?

The casinos where this slot can be found tend to promote some winners on their home pages. So, you might find out about a few winners who have tried the Zombie FC slot game for real. If so, you will be able to see what people have managed to scoop in coinage while checking out the real version of the game.

Is it worth playing for practice purposes only to start with?

We always think it is best to start this way. Even if you read countless reviews of a slot, you can never tell how much you will like it unless and until you decide to try the real thing. The practice version gives you a shot at doing that without being concerned over the outcome for your budget.

Play for real money with a sensible budget

All slots played for real should be approached with an affordable budget in place first. This will allow you to settle on an amount you are willing to lose if need be. The smaller the coin or bet you work with, the longer your budget will last. This holds true for Zombie FC slots too.

Mobile play for assorted devices on the iOS and Android platform (and others)

Yes, the zombies can shuffle into view on your phone or tablet too. Is this your preferred way to play? If so, you can play wherever you are. Just keep looking behind you as you never know where those zombies might be…