Sweetopia Slots

You may want to arrange a snack to eat before you play this game. Candy has popped up as a theme in slot games before, but we cannot resist this one. It truly has a sweet theme with plenty of treats packed onto the reels. If you’re hungry, steer well clear until you’ve eaten something healthy!

So, does Sweetopia pack in some cool features? Let’s get a taste of this game right now to see what else we can learn.

Reels and paylines

You’ll see a mouth-watering 40 lines in place for the Sweetopia slot game. These are fixed. You get five reels packed into a background featuring candy of all kinds too.

Coins in use

The donuts on the left show you your coin value and the total bet for that spin. Use the arrows to decide which coin you would rather play with on each line. The smallest one is a penny, giving you a 40-cent bet.

Sweetopia special symbols

Wow just look at the tasty candy house with frosting on it. That is truly wild – and it is used as a substitute here too. This one appears on reels two, three, and four. It is good for replacing lots of other treats on the reels. The only thing you can’t substitute with it is the pink-iced donut with sprinkles on it. This is the scatter.

Sweetopia bonus features

Whenever you get three, four, or five pink donuts in a spin, you will win a coin prize worth 40, 200, or 400 coins respectively. Those same amounts will also result in a prize of 12, 20, or an impressive 40 free spins.

There is a wild multiplier element in these games, too. If you find one or more wilds in a spin that sees you win a prize, your prize is multiplied by the number of wilds found. For example, find four wilds and you get a 4x multiplier. It’s that easy!

Download and enjoy the sweet, sweet Sweetopia slot now

Boy, this slot certainly makes you crave some sweet things. If you love candy, make sure you’ve got a stash ready to dive into as you play Sweetopia. If not, well… we think you’ll find this slot has enough mouth-watering features to tempt you in anyway. Try it and see how you fare with this appealing and tasty slot today.