Sweet Bonanza Slots

Do you like playing slots that are packed with color? If so, you are in a good place now, as you can check out a new game called Sweet Bonanza. The sweet part of the title provides a clue to what might be in store for you, and the bonanza part is quite accurate too. We can reveal the best you could get here is up to 21,100x your bet, which is very appealing, wouldn’t you say? If you want to learn more about this new slot, our full review of it follows.

More about the Sweet Bonanza slot

This is not a game to play if you’re feeling hungry. We recommend you grab a snack before settling down for this one. You’ll see why when the game loads. It reveals marshmallows, fruity symbols, candies, and lots of edible items in the background. See, we said you shouldn’t play while hungry…

Which slot game developer produced this slot?

Pragmatic Play has created Sweet Bonanza, and they have done a fine job with it too. 2019 is turning out to be a solid year for them, with other new releases including Leprechaun Carol and Wild Gladiator. Sweet Bonanza is going to follow in their footsteps as another huge hit, we think.

Can you try demo play?

You can, and it is the ideal way to learn whether you like the game enough to play the proper version. Everything in the demo is just as it would be in the real version. You will get demo credits to use, so you can work out your bet just as you normally would.

Sweet Bonanza theme

We mentioned the presence of some fruits on the reels, but of course there is also plenty of candy around. You will also spot a huge lollipop which has a role of its own to play. The foodie theme is a good one, and while this is far from original the game does have a few neat tweaks to help things along.

Does Sweet Bonanza benefit from a solid design?

It does, yes. The screen looks rather different from a standard slot design, and in fact adheres more to a few other games you might have played elsewhere already. While it might have been inspired by other games (no doubt you will guess which ones), this game does stand on its own two feet.

What type of features does it include?

Would you like to expand the usual five-reel format to six reels? That’s what this game does. The six-reel format has been used extensively so far in 2019. We also get more than three icons on each of those reels, with five falling into place with each spin. You won’t find any progressive jackpots in the game, but there are other features in Sweet Bonanza that will soon lead you to forget that opportunity isn’t there.

How many paylines are there?

None. Instead of using paylines, the game uses matched symbols to bring up prizes. If you’re thinking of cluster pays formats, that’s not the case here. All you need to do is to find enough identical symbols anywhere in view to score the prize for that symbol. At least eight are required in most cases, although you can get scatter prizes with four or more of those.

Betting options for Sweet Bonanza

Look for the spin button in the bottom right corner. Either side of this are plus and minus logos. You can click on these to open a panel that allows you to sort out your bet for subsequent spins. Up to 10 coins are permitted on each go, with those coins worth from a cent each up to 50 cents. You will also see a bet multiplier in place.

The basic multiplier is shown as 20x. You will see your total spin bet shown on screen prior to spinning, so check you are happy with it. There is a chance to increase that multiplier to 25x by using the button to the left of the reels. If you decide to bet that bit more as shown, you will double the opportunity to trigger the game’s special feature. It puts more scatters on the reels for you, since these are required as the triggering combination.

How to find the paytable

We mentioned the 25x increased bet level button above. Once you’ve found this, you can click into the paytable by selecting the button just below it, showing a small case I. With seven pages in store, any queries you have about how to play Sweet Bonanza slots should easily be answered here. Pragmatic Play always puts a lot of information into all their paytables.

Are there any bonus rounds or features here?

No, but you will undoubtedly benefit from something called the Tumble Feature. Whenever a prize is found on the reels, it is awarded and then all the matching symbols that triggered the prize will vanish. This means everything above those vacant spots will tumble down to fill them. Other new symbols appear above and tumble into the spots left behind, filling the grid again. If a new combination is found, you’ll get the prize for that and the same Tumble Feature occurs again. There is no limit on how many times this can occur – we had eight or nine in a row once that gave us that many prizes. It’s nice to see, as you only pay for the triggering spin. All subsequent Tumbles are played at no charge.

Does this slot game include the chance to get any free games?

Yes, and as you might guess, the scatter is the way to find them. This is the lollipop with a swirly design on it. Finding four or more will grant you 10 free games. From that moment on, finding four more during the freebies will add another five free spins to your remaining total. The reel set changes for these spins to give you something different to look at.

An added icon may appear during the free games, too. This is a fused bomb shown in glorious mixed colors. Each one shows a value worth between 2x and 100x. If it appears, it remains where it is until any Tumble Feature elements are over. Whatever you won from the Tumble Feature would then be multiplied by all the bombs seen on the screen. Since you could get more than one special icon present, this might end up being a very nice bomb to see.

Game RTP (return to player)

Pragmatic Play states that the game has an RTP of between 96.51% and 96.52%.

What is our rating for this slot game?

This is a solid 9 out of 10 for us. We love the format and while it is like cluster pays, it is not the same. You could have three matching symbols on reel one and the other five over the other side of the game and still secure a prize for that combo. We think lots of players will like what they see here.

Details about slot game winners

Those wanting to increase the odds of reaching the free spins round will probably appreciate the extra bet feature in play here. It’s not much larger than the regular bet either. The Tumble Feature might bring several prizes in a row if things fall in your favor, while the biggest prize could be worth many thousands of times your wager.

Play for fun to view the features of this game in action

Sweet Bonanza is one to see in action before you decide whether it is the ideal game to try. We loved this one but playing the demo version is good to see whether the reality matches what you think of it. It’s a fun game to play just for entertainment too, which some people will no doubt appreciate.

Can you switch and play for real money?

You can – just make sure you access a casino offering the latest Pragmatic Play games. You might find special promos on offer associated with this new slot once it is released too. Always worth looking out for.

Try Sweet Bonanza mobile play for Android/iOS

The game will be made available for mobile players alongside the regular desktop version. You will also find it on download and Flash casinos, so you can look forward to playing it no matter where you are.