Siege and Plunder Slots

Who is known for laying siege and plundering locations for booty? If pirates came to mind before anything else, congratulations – you’ve correctly guessed the theme and setting for the Siege and Plunder slot game.

Pirate themes are not new to the world of slots. Many players love games based around pirates. There is certainly a lot of variety and drama possible in this instance. So, what might happen on the reels of this game?

Reels and paylines

40 lines are indicated underneath the third reel of the game. That’s the middle reel too, meaning there are five in all.

Coins in use

You can choose your coin on the left of the first reel of the game. Don’t mind the pirate – he doesn’t look too frightening. You can start with a one-cent coin, but there are others there to choose from too.

Siege and Plunder special symbols

The pirate captain appears in the role of the substitute in this game. He’ll replace everything except the scatter, which we’ll come to shortly. The wild can show up on the second, third, or fourth reel, but will never appear on the remaining two. He might also appear in full height, meaning you get an expanded wild on the reel he appears on. That is a great addition to the game.

The scatter is a frightening image – a skeletal pirate! Maybe he went overboard? Whatever happened, he is good to find, even though he looks alarming. Three or more of these pirates will bring you a return on your bet.

Siege and Plunder bonus features

These pirates do have a bonus feature to offer. You will see several objects and you are instructed to uncover them one at a time. You never know whether some will hide prizes or whether there is no reward to be had. The idea is to carry on choosing from the available items until the round is completed. Only then will your total win be calculated and granted to you. It’s then time to return to the base game.

Download and play the Siege and Plunder slot game now

You don’t need to lay siege to the reels or plunder them in search of prizes. Just spin the reels and see what happens in this entertaining pirate-themed slot game. Will it be one of your favorites once you’ve begun?