Rock Climber Slots

Rock climbing isn’t for everyone. You need a head for heights above all else. Fortunately, you are not the one climbing rocks in this slot game. That role falls to the character you might spot on the reels. You will find yourself in rocky surroundings though, and that could lead to some potential for a few wins on the reels of this game.

Reels and paylines

40 lines are provided for you on the screen. These are all fixed, meaning you must wager on them all. Those lines are spread over five reels, so it is a familiar sight.

Coins in use

Fortunately, you can begin betting on this game from a cent at least per line. Use the arrows either side of the coin value to see the higher-valued coins you could use instead.

Rock Climber special symbols

Watch for the rock climber to show up here. He is wearing a red knitted hat, some dark glasses, and has a white mustache. He is good to meet because he is the substitute for the game. He can’t appear on all reels though – only reels two, three, and four. He’ll replace everything with one exception – the scatter.

The scatter is another person… at least, we think it is a person. Could it be a Yeti? With icy hair and a large white beard, this doesn’t look like the rock climber. Either way, this is the scatter icon and it will deliver prizes for three or more in one spin of the reels.

Rock Climber bonus features

The Yeti-style icon can be useful in another way as well. If you would like to win some free spins, the scatter is the key to making it happen. You can get 12 games if you find three scatters, and 20 are offered if you find four of them. If five scatters should appear, you can look forward to trying your luck in 40 free spins. That is generous to be sure.

Those spins also include multiplier wilds. Your multiplier on each spin depends on the quantity of wilds found.

Download and enjoy a spin on the Rock Climber slot game now

Rock climbing can pay dividends, as you’ll see when you look at this slot. With different-colored crystals, helmets, hiking boots, and much else besides, you never know which symbols might produce a prize or two.