Cyberpunk City Slots

A map is usually a good idea to have close at hand when you’re planning on a city visit. However, you can count on us guiding you through Cyberpunk City, as this is the title of a new slot that’s ready for you online today. Is this a city you might want to return to once you’ve seen what it can offer?

Discover the developer first

It’s always good to know who created a slot game. In this case, it’s Bovada Gaming that has the reins.

Try the demo if you want to see how things work

The game does have a demonstration version that is identical to the real version. That means you can easily see how things work and whether it holds enough appeal for you.

This one has an obvious theme

With a title like Cyberpunk City, you can see the theme takes you into the future. It has more than a dash of sci-fi involved too though. We think those two themes dovetail nicely into the same slot.

A promising design is evident from the moment you load the game

A futuristic theme deserves a futuristic design, and that is the case with this game. There is some neon to look at, but nothing is too striking that it hurts your eyes over a longer gaming session. There are detailed characters and a backdrop that draws you into the cityscape.

What should you expect to see in this city?

There are five reels that appear over the backdrop. The game comes with a jackpot too – a progressive one shown above the reel set. This is randomly awarded, so no one will ever know what the trigger is for it.

The game offers two substitute icons. The first only appears on reel three, shown as a tough guy who expands over that entire reel when he shows up. The second wild appears randomly and replaces symbols that have higher values.

Finally, the game has two scatters, but they work together to trigger the free game feature. We’ll move onto that shortly. The scatters are easy to see as one says CYBER and the other says PUNK. They appear respectively on reels one and five.

Paylines in action in this game

Cyberpunk City works on 20 fixed lines.

Betting choices

The smallest bet works out to a cent per line, offering a 20-cent minimum. At the other end of the scale, there is the chance to wager $200 at most on a single spin.

Look for the burger and find the paytable

Not a real burger, but the three lines that get this name. Hit those and the paytable is accessed from the next screen. We recommend looking through the paytable prior to making a wager.

Cyberpunk City doesn’t include a bonus feature

Not much else we can say there.

Free spins are a possibility though

Find CYBER on the first reel and PUNK on the fifth and you will be rewarded with a collection of 10 free games. Whenever something is won during those games, it is multiplied by 3x its usual value. The scatters may also appear during the games, which means you have an opportunity to get more freebies if both appear in the same spin.

No RTP has been publicized

If we discover the value, we’ll update you here.

Cyberpunk City slots gets a positive rating from us

We think this is an 8/10 game to play. We’d increase that if there was a second screen bonus as well.

Will we get to hear about any slot winners?

There is a chance we could, since any slot featuring a progressive jackpot is likely to hit the headlines when that jackpot drops. It may depend on the value of the prize when it is won. Aside from that, the paytable tells us the biggest prize there is 40,000x your bet.

Play the demo version of Cyberpunk City slots to start with

We always like to try the demo as it gives us a greater insight into the game.

Play for real with Bovada

If you join their casino, you’ve got the chance to bet on this game if you like what it can offer you.

Can you go mobile in this city?

Certainly, as Bovada has released this for playing on all platforms, including iOS and Android.