Money Mouse Slots

Mice aren’t a new addition to online slot games. However, few mice are as cute as the one in this game. Money Mouse is a cool title that gives you a couple neat clues to what might appear during play. If you have any questions about how this game is going to pan out, you’re in the right place to find some answers. Our full game review has all the details you should know before you play.

Who is the developer?

This is the latest title to come from the Pragmatic Play stable. They are known for their bright games, sparkling imagery, and varied themes. Those elements are all in force here as well.

Can you play a demo version of the game before trying the real thing?

Yes, as always, Pragmatic Play gives you the chance to see how each part of the game works without needing to put in any proper bets. You’re best advised to try this practice version first in case you don’t end up liking it.

What kind of mousey theme is in store here?

There is a mouse in this game – a very cheerful one, as it happens! The Money Mouse slot game is an Oriental game all set for release just before the Chinese New Year 2020, so we guess they have taken inspiration from that. There are hints of a celebratory backdrop behind the reels, too.

Can we expect an entertaining and celebratory design?

Yes, the mouse appears on the reels along with various other appropriate icons. Look out for a drum and drumsticks and some firecrackers. A dramatic dragon mask might also appear, and this is one of the best-paying icons the game can offer. The set of reels in use appears inside a typical Oriental building surround too.

Basic features you can expect to see in Money Mouse slots

The game presents us with five reels and three rows of symbols. Above the reels, you’ll see three jackpot amounts, so you’ve got those available as potential prizes alongside the various ones in the paytable.

The Money Mouse himself is the wild icon during play. This replaces everything else with two exceptions. The first is the scatter, which is shown as a money tree filled with gold coins – the ones with the square hole in the middle. This is marked as a scatter, too, so you can’t miss it. The second exception is the money symbol. This is a red lantern with a varied amount shown over the top of it. More about this in a moment.

How many paylines does Money Mouse have?

There are 25 lines included in this game.

What kind of bets could you place on the game?

Your bet range goes between 25 cents and $125, so chances are you’ll find a suitable amount to work with there.

A well thought out paytable

This is always a reliable feature in Pragmatic Play slot games. This one is no exception, guiding you through the various game features over seven pages.

Bonus possibilities

There is a Money Respin feature in this game that everyone wants to get to. The money symbol must show up at least six times in a spin of the base game reels for the feature to trigger.

When it does, the triggering symbols stay in position and everything else goes blank. Those spots then go through three re-spins. You then need to find one or more additional money symbols during those spins to reset the quantity of re-spins to three. This continues until one of two things happens – either you fill all the positions with money symbols, or you run out of spins.

You’ll see each symbol has one of the jackpots labeled on it or a random cash prize. You need to complete every spot on the reels to get the biggest jackpot. Incidentally, the jackpots are not progressive – they’re fixed at multiples of your bet amount. These are 30x, 100x, and 1,000x your bet.

Are there any free spins to be had?

Yes, Money Mouse does have free games to be won too. Find three of the scatters over the three odd reels and you’ll earn five free games to play through. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Don’t worry – the second, third, and fourth reels change to reveal a giant 3x3 symbol throughout those five spins. You can also find another three scatters to trigger a further three free games – and there is no limit to how many times you can do this.

Have they released the RTP value?

Yes, Pragmatic Play confirms the RTP is 96%. This info is in the paytable.

Our rating for the new Money Mouse slot game

This is a 9 out of 10 slot game for us. The money re-spin feature is great to trigger if you can get it, even if you don’t manage to scoop a jackpot. There are other money values to be won too. Meanwhile, the free spins are unusual thanks to the giant symbol that comes into play.

We’ll look out for the jackpot winners

These are the prizes everyone wants to get, of course. Who will manage to scoop the first jackpot prize in this new game?

Play the demo to try Money Mouse for the first time

Pragmatic Play is a reliable software developer with great games under its belt already. However, we would still recommend you get the best look of the game by trying the demonstration version first.

Play for real at selected online casinos

Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2020 with Pragmatic Play and their Money Mouse slot game. There are plenty of casinos with games from this developer, so if you’re not already a member of one with their games, it shouldn’t take long to find one.

Available on mobile platforms too

That means Android and iOS users can access the game on their preferred device.