What Will Your Reaction Be to Chain Reactors All Sports?

If you haven’t tried a Chain Reactors game yet, there has never been a better time to do so! And if you love sports, you will want to make the most of trying this particular example, because it uses all kinds of balls to get things started.

With a fun and thrilling game idea that is actually rather simple, this is a real winner – and it makes a change from regular slots, too.

What’s the situation with reels and lines?

The situation is you don’t actually get any of either! You do however get a 5x5 grid filled with 25 assorted balls. You will see tennis balls, cricket balls, pool balls (the 8 ball, of course…) and golf balls among others.

Which coin values can you bet on the game?

There is a huge range of bets allowed here. If you have a small budget, you will be pleased to know a small bet of 25 cents per go gets you started. If you want to roll out the big guns, try a $1,000 huge bet per go!

Does Chain Reactors All Sports offer up any valuable symbols?

We already know what kinds of sports balls are included in the game. Each one has a different value, and you get paid depending on how many you can put together in a combination with each go.

You need from five to 18 of the symbols to win a prize. This could be up to 100,000x your bet, depending on which ball you get and how many of them appear. Ideally, you should play a few free games to see how things work. You will soon get the hang of this, even though it is an entirely different game. And if you have played Reactor games before, you will understand how it works from the start.

Does this slot have a bonus round?

No, there is no bonus here.

Download and play Chain Reactors All Sports online today!

One go on this game could trigger a winning combination. If it does, those balls will explode and leave space for others to appear. Get another combination and those balls will go too. And on it goes!

This is a great version of the Chain Reactors game series, and one that sports fans are going to like. We certainly liked it, and we think it is irresistible to be honest!