Video Gamers Rejoice With Arcade Fortunes Slots

Remember the days of video arcades packed with your favorites like Centipede, Rampage, and Pac-Man? You’d sit in the arcade with friends trying to beat each other’s scores or those belonging to the mystery three initials topping the leader board. Arcade Fortunes slots returns you to those exciting days. This 18-payline bonus slot is set against an arcade background where pinball machines, stools, and video game machines capture the time perfectly. Play Arcade Fortunes and maybe you’ll win the jackpot $10,000 prize pool!

Win Cash and Try to Double It

Symbols in Arcade Fortunes include things like the game tokens, the male and female players, the cup of soda, and pixelated poker symbols. The top prize of 2,000 coins is worth aiming for, but there’s something else to watch. Each time you have a winning payline, consider clicking “Double Up” and trying to double your winnings. The Double Up feature is unique and features a claw crane game where you keep picking up toys to double your winnings. Be careful though, if you don’t get the toy, the game ends and you forfeit your prize.

Check Out These Memorable Bonus Features

The features found in Arcade Fortunes slots put a smile on your face. Start with the Bubble Gum feature. The fifth reel is home to the bubble gum symbol. If the reels stop spinning and the piece of gum is there, a bubble forms and pops covering other symbols. That sticky wild then stays in place for three free spins.

There’s a video game bonus feature that has you playing your choice of Skee Ball or Galaxy. With Skee Ball, you’ll win three prizes. Galaxy offers one prize, but it could be far more substantial than the prizes found in Skee Ball.

Win One of Two Progressive Jackpots

There are two progressive jackpots in Arcade Fortunes slots. The Mystery Jackpot is awarded as soon as it reaches the $10k mark. The best way to win this progressive jackpot is by watching where the balance is and making sure you’re one of the players online when it hits that mark! There’s also the randomly awarded Super Slots Jackpot that’s worth $40k to $45k.

With the unique Double Up feature and fun bonuses, Arcade Fortunes slots is destined to become a hot casino game. Don’t miss out on this one!