5 Wishes Slots

5 Wishes Slots
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The famous story involving Aladdin and the magic lamp involved just three wishes, so it’s intriguing to see five mentioned in the title of this new slot game. The 5 Wishes slot promises more than you may think, even if you can figure out the theme and some of the elements in store for you here. Our review has all the major details pertaining to the game, with plenty more for you to read and discover too.

Developer information you ought to know about

We’ve given no clues away yet, but we’ll reveal the developer who created the 5 Wishes slot is none other than RTG. You might also have heard them referred to as Realtime Gaming. They’re never backwards in coming forwards with some awesome slots, and this is yet another great title for this year.

Demo options to think about in 5 Wishes

You probably know how useful it is to try a slot before seeing whether you would like to bet on it for real. You’ll be glad to hear you can do that here.

Is this a predictable theme?

If you were thinking along the lines of Arabian Nights, Aladdin, and the genie, then yes, the title alone gives away some clues. The game screen itself reveals more, and while we’ve been here before, you’re going to be impressed with the presentation in store in 5 Wishes.

Can we look forward to a promising design?

Everything you would expect to see is here – the genie, the magic lamp, and Aladdin appear on their own icons. Watch out for glorious buildings and a sweet little monkey with a smile, too! There is way more detail here than we’ve seen in other slots.

5 Wishes: The basic slot game features

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of this game, shall we? You’ve got a 5 x 3 matrix in action here, with five reels adopting the usual format. You can adjust your bet amounts and so on under the reels. While some slots do have a progressive jackpot to go for, this one has two – a minor and a major one. These are clearly shown above the reels.

Now, let’s go onto the special symbols to look for during play. If the genie appears, congratulations… you’ve just found the wild icon. He can double the value of anything won with his help. Meanwhile, that magic lamp really can be magical as the scatter, awarding scatter prizes and possibly something else, too…

Paylines in action in 5 Wishes

You’ve got a maximum of 25 to play on, although you can opt to play on fewer of them.

Choosing your bets

Various coin values are provided, with a maximum value of a dollar per line. You can go for a coin worth way less than this though. Consider also that you’ll multiply your coin by the quantity of lines played.

The paytable reveals both high- and low-valued symbols

The special symbols like the temple and monkey are worth more than the regular ones. Those are shown as the usual letters and numbers you often see in slot games.

You won’t discover a bonus in 5 Wishes

That’s unfortunate, but there are plenty of engaging slots without them, and we think this qualifies too.

A free spin opportunity you’ll love

There are free spins available, but you must locate at least three magic lamps to get to this feature. When this occurs, a message will appear awarding you 10 free spins. If you find another set of lamps during play, a further 10 spins will be added to the quantity remaining at that point. This is shown above the reels.

One cool feature here is the appearance of the genie offering Genie Magic Wilds. You cannot always count on them appearing, but if the genie shows up during a spin, he may decide to generously award some random wilds elsewhere on the reels too.

RTP information for the 5 Wishes slot game

This is unknown at present, but we’ll let you know the value here once we have it.

Our rating for 5 Wishes

We wished for this to be an excellent slot, and we certainly think it rates an 8 out of 10 score.

Two progressives available that could beat any prize in the paytable

Who knows how high the jackpots could climb before someone wins one of them? These are going to be exciting prizes for people to go for, don’t you think? We await news of the first fortunate winner who manages to scoop the big prize.

Get started with the demo game

RTG has made it simple for any player to check out the 5 Wishes slot without risking their cash. The practice version has all the same features as the real one, so check it out.

You can play for real at all RTG casinos

And there are lots of those around, so you’ll spot the game in the new games area if there is one. Sometimes, a casino puts a NEW banner over the game title too, so look out for that.

Go mobile (but not on a magic carpet)!

No carpet required to go mobile with this game. Just pick up your iPad, iPhone, or an Android device and you’re good to go.

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5 Wishes Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, progressive, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$25
ScatterMagic Lamp
SymbolsAce, Aladdin, Genie, Jack, Jug, King, Magic Lamp, Monkey, Nine, Palace, Princess, Queen, Ten
Skill stopno
Free spinsup to 100 Free Spins
Bonus roundFree Games feature, Genie Magic Wild Feature
Fun moneyyes
Instant playno
SoftwareReal Time Gaming
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