Godzilla Vs King Kong Slots

Godzilla, the giant lizard, needs no introduction. Neither does King Kong, to be fair. When you encounter a slot game that pits these two together, what should you expect? We have the answers as we review this new slot game on the block… and it could be one you’ll want to explore for yourself, too.

Which developer created Godzilla vs King Kong?

This is an Arrows Edge game. We feel like it has been a while since we last saw a game from them, but this slot makes it worth the wait.

Try the demo before moving on to the real version

This has the familiar look about it that many Arrows Edge slots have. Even though you can try a practice version, you can still select bets as if you were playing it for real.

You can figure out the theme, we’re sure…

Yep, Godzilla and King Kong both make appearances here, and we are hopefully going to see them do battle. So, we guess this is a monster theme, or perhaps an animal theme. Both are giant versions of real animals, after all.

Does it receive top marks for a promising design?

The game is about as detailed as any titles from Arrows Edge ever get. however, that is not a criticism. We love the unique look of their games. The background almost has a 3D quality to it, as do some of the icons. (Or is that just our eyes?)

It is presented in 2D, but it has a good mix of colors included over the game. Many of the basic controls are displayed on a green background.

Let’s discover the basics of the slot game

The game starts with five reels displayed on the screen. Whenever the reels stop spinning, three symbols are shown. The game comes with a mystery jackpot, indicated above the first reel, although nothing is mysterious about it. You can always see the current total available to be won.

When it comes to the important symbols, our two monsters take center stage. King Kong is wild, substituting for everything except for Godzilla and the airborne plane. Godzilla is the bonus symbol, while the plane is the trigger for the free games.

How many paylines are available to bet on?

The game offers 20 of these, all fixed for every spin.

What about wagers?

The game begins on a default value of $4 per spin. Don’t panic, though – if you sue the down arrow, you can drop this as low as 40 cents. That works out to two cents per line. In the other direction, you can max out your spin bet at a much bigger $240 wager.

The question mark hides the paytable

When you access this, the basic rules are listed first. You can also move through the various sections by selecting paylines, paytable, and features. This is good to do before you play for the first time.

Bonus features in Godzilla vs King Kong

Did we say features? We did… because there are two to go for here. The first one is called the Rescue People feature. There are two reporters – one male, one female – and a nurse available to appear on the reels. To trigger the feature, you must find one of each person on the reels. You must also find at least one winning combination in that same spin. Should both these things occur, a random multiplier of 4x, 5x, or 6x is applied to that prize (or prizes).

The second feature is known as the Titan’s Duel Bonus. Yep, this is the one you have been waiting for. Three appearances of Godzilla anywhere in the same spin trigger the bonus. This duel can last up to five rounds. The idea is for Godzilla to beat King Kong in a head to head battle. You receive one hit to begin, and if you successfully land that hit, you get another one. The further you go through the rounds, the bigger the prize.

Free spins in Godzilla vs King Kong

The airplane is labeled as a FREE SPINS icon, so that gives away its role. You must look for three, four, or five of these to be awarded some free games. You would receive seven, 10, or 12 freebies accordingly.

The King Kong wilds can appear during these games. If they do, they may randomly transform into Sticky Wilds, showing an angry gorilla behind bars. Whenever this occurs, the sticky wilds stay where they are until the freebies are finished.

Any idea of the value of the RTP?

No – we haven’t found any information on the return to player percentage in action for this slot game. Nothing is mentioned in the paytable.

What about our rating for the game?

We have given this plenty of thought and we’ve ranked it as a 9/10 slot game. We’ve deducted one point for the lack of 3D effects. Can you imagine how much better it would have been with those? It would have taken an excellent game to another level (and maybe been even scarier during the battle too).

Watch out for news of the mystery jackpot winners

You cannot tell how big the jackpot might get before it drops. It appears to be awarded at random, so who can say how long it might be before someone wins it?

Play for fun to get a better feel for Godzilla vs King Kong

The demo has everything you would see in the real game. Give it a shot and see whether this dramatic game does it for you.

Play for real if you dare…

At 40 cents per spin, many players will have the budget to play the game. However, the expanse of available wagers makes this slot game good for all budgets.

Mobile playability

You can pit the monsters against one another on iOS and Android devices as well.