Bao Ni 8 Slots

Some themes repeat throughout the slot game world for good reason. Players love revisiting certain themes because they are entertaining, packed with potential, and offer many prize-winning opportunities.

We could certainly say that of the theme used in Bao Ni 8 – a theme that is impressive and ready to be appreciated and enjoyed in equal measure. Get ready to find out more in the review that follows.

Let’s start by finding out the name of the developer

It’s Realtime Gaming, a name that should hold great promise for you from the start. Their track record is impressive, giving us games such as Bubble Bubble, Enchanted Garden II, and Megasaur. Could Bao Ni 8 join those more illustrious titles from RTG?

Demo playability

Bao Ni 8 does have a demo version you can try if you wish. We suggest you check it out, as it presents you with a chance to play it as if it were real, albeit with no chances of getting real prizes.

What kind of theme is on offer?

The title suggests an Asian theme, and that is indeed what we get here. We see many other Asian-themed icons in play. These include a golden turtle, a little character with a smile and a mustache, and some coins with the familiar square hole in the middle. Everything takes on a familiar stance, and further information about the game suggests a Chinese New Year theme too.

Does the design work well with that theme?

It does, although don’t expect the background to add too much to the proceedings. The focus is clearly intended to be on the large reels you are presented with when the game loads. Splashes of color appear wherever you look though, so there are some nice touches to look for.

How to play Bao Ni 8 – and what you should look for

We said the reels are large, so you’ll have no trouble counting five in play. The game doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot though.

There are some symbols that are more important than others, as you’d suppose. The substitute symbol is shown as 888 in gold. Only the FREE GAMES logo cannot be replaced by that wild. That logo is the scatter icon.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are only eight in action here, but since that is apparently a lucky number in Asia, we hope it will bring good fortune. All eight are fixed.

Betting possibilities

Playing eight lines can be done for as little as eight cents per spin. If you want to wager more, you can – with the maximum being $40 per spin.

Check out the paytable prior to play

This is advisable even if you’re only going to play the demo game. It explains the value of the various symbols and the other features in the game.

Does Bao Ni 8 include a bonus round?

Yes, and it is known as the Lucky Streak Respin Feature. The idea is that you are looking for a prize on each spin. When you secure one, you’ll spot those winning symbols fixing where they landed. All other squares in the 5 x 3 format of the game spin again. It looks as though each spot is its own reel in the sense of this feature.

There is no charge for the respin, and if another prize (or an improvement on the original prize) is garnered, another respin is given with those symbols held as well. This repeats until a spin is experienced whereby nothing is won.

Free spins are also on offer though

You don’t often see free spins along with respins in the same game, but we’ve got just that here. You must find at least five of the FREE GAMES scatter icons to score some of these spins. That would reward you with eight free games, but the more FREE GAMES icons you can find, the greater your reward. For example, if you could cover the entire 5 x 3 grid in those scatter symbols, you’d receive 50 free games.

Regardless of the quantity you receive, the Lucky Streak bonus still triggers on each winning spin. The difference in the free rounds is that each time this occurs, a random multiplier is granted. This is between 2x and 10x.

No RTP value has been released

We have no idea on the return to player value yet, so we’ll let you know when we have it.

Does the game receive a strong rating from us?

There is enough involved in the Bao Ni 8 slot game to give it 8 out of 10. Well, we did say eight was a lucky number, right?

Slot game winners could get up to…

6,800x their wager, according to information given by RTG. That is quite something to think about.

Start with the demo version

We’ve confirmed the existence of a demo version of Bao Ni 8. Being able to play that before committing a real wager or two to the game is a smart choice.

Will you love the game enough to play it for real?

If you do, you can find it at many RTG-powered casinos online today.

Can you play the slot on mobile devices as well?

Yes, Android and iOS users can find the game easy to play on tablets and smartphones along with computers.