Diamond Mine Slots (Wager2Go)

Mining for diamonds… who knows what you will find if you decide to give this slot game a try? Mines can turn up all kinds of exciting discoveries, especially when you’re in there searching for diamonds. Not everyone gets lucky, but you might just find your luck is in if you decide to try the sparkling Diamond Mine slot game today.

Reels and paylines

The game is based on a popular format that provides five reels and 40 lines to look at. You cannot adjust the line quantity, meaning you need to play all of them.

Coins in use

Fixed paylines may be in use here, but you can enjoy playing this game at just 40 cents per spin. That can be increased if you wish.

Diamond Mine special symbols

Finding a lit fuse on several sticks of dynamite isn’t something you’d want to experience, right? Well, you might do here because the game offers you just that image as a wild icon. Expect it to show up randomly and hopefully assist you in locating some winning lines.

The game also includes a scatter symbol. This is appropriately designed to look like a diamond, with a banner over it saying ‘scatter’.

Diamond Mine bonus features

How would you like to win some free games? You can do just that if you manage to find three or more of those scattered diamonds in the Diamond Mine slot. The free games quantity varies depending on the diamonds you find. Three, four, or five will award you 12, 20, or 40 free games respectively.

If you manage to find one or more wilds in a free game where prizes occur, you can benefit from a multiplier value equal to the quantity of wilds discovered. There is far more in this mine than you might originally have imagined!

Download and enjoy a spin on the Diamond Mine slot game now

This mine looks appealing, that much is for sure. You can expect to see lots of gems appearing in the guise of the usual A, K, and Q symbols you will no doubt have seen elsewhere. A pick ax and shovel, a mine cart, and the entrance to the mine itself might also appear as you play.

But you’ll be searching for those scattered diamonds above all else. How many will you discover during your time in the Diamond Mine?