Gemmed! Slots

Gemmed is not your average slot game. If you love playing something that looks and feels different, this could be ideal. Read through the info in our in-depth slot review for Gemmed and you can see what lies in store for you if you play it.

Who is the developer for Gemmed?

This game was created by Betsoft, which should give you an idea of how promising it is.

It’s best to begin with the demo version

Since this game is very different from many other slots from this developer, we suggest the demo is the best place to begin (after reading our review, of course).

We guess you can figure out the theme

Yes, it does focus on gems, but it takes us to an outdoor setting rather than into a mine or cave, as you might have expected. This makes everything look a lot brighter than it might otherwise do.

Top marks for a great design

The game looks great and contains many sparkling gems. Some of the icons look to be made of tree bark, while other intriguing symbols might also appear. You’ll soon see some symbols are bigger than others too – and any of them can appear in any size.

Reels and icons to expect in Gemmed!

This game gives you a huge screen. On every spin, it looks as though the nine reels spin in three chunks. If a reel displays only the smallest symbols, they’ll stand nine high.

Watch out for a multicolor Rainbow Wild, which substitutes for all other symbols except for the scatter. This is shown as a diamond with a selection of colored gems around it. You need at least four scatters to secure a scatter prize.

How many paylines are there?

None – the slot works on way wins instead, with a whopping 40,503 of them in action. Prizes pay in the usual way though, from left to right. The matching icons must be either next to each other in a horizontal fashion or diagonal to each other.

Bets to consider using

Since the game works on way wins, you can bet one amount on each spin. The cheapest wager is 10 cents, while the biggest bet amount is $10.

Paytable details

The best way to figure out how the game works is to review the paytable before you begin. We’d still recommend trying the demo before the real version though.

Bonus info for Gemmed!

There is no bonus here, but it is worth mentioning the size of the gems that could appear. It’s quite possible to see a mixture of different-sized symbols on the same spin, with some appearing much bigger than others.

Free spins are available to be won

Five scatters are required to secure 15 free spins. That sound like a lot of scatters but remember the game area is far bigger than in a regular slot. The more scatters you find, the more spins you’ll receive. You can get up to 50 in the triggering amount, with lots of scatters appearing in one spin if you’re fortunate.

RTP details for this slot

The game has a good RTP value of 96.46%.

Are we giving Gemmed a great rating?

We are – 9 out of 10. The different sizes of icons make this an appealing game, with lots of potential for different combos on every spin. It’s good to see there are various quantities of free games available as well.

The potential for big winners

With no progressive to be won, prizes are kept to those seen in the paytable. That said, if you can string together some free spins those could be good for picking up a few prizes too.

Play for entertainment only via the demo

The demonstration version of Gemmed is a great way to figure out how everything works and how you might benefit from playing the game.

Could you enjoy playing this slot for real?

Your experience with the demo game should tell you all you need to know.

Try the mobile version of Gemmed at participating Betsoft casinos

Most casinos have a mobile version, providing lots of great mobile games to try. Gemmed is available for Android and iOS if you want to check it out.