Tailgate Blitz Slots

What is a tailgate blitz, you might ask? Well, according to this game it involves a dropped tailgate, some beer, and plenty of entertainment. The men are out to enjoy themselves in this game, and we haven’t seen a theme quite the same as this before either. That adds up to a great slot that looks set to deliver a pleasant experience for you.

With a twist on the usual bonus feature and a chance to find some cool icons on the reels, perhaps it’s time for us to check it out in more detail.

Reels and lines

This slot brings us a setup we have seen countless times before. That’s because it is a good one, with five reels and 20 paylines in store for us.

Choosing coins

The coin values are quite varied here, ranging from just a cent on each line to five dollars at most. You’ll only wager one coin per line, so take that into account too.

Notable symbols appearing in Tailgate Blitz

The game includes a logo on one of the reels, and it is this that is used as a wild icon. Just one thing is unable to be replaced by it, and that is the dollar sign. This appears in yellow and is used as a scatter symbol.

The wild could also bring the biggest prize the game can offer. Find five of them to complete an entire payline and (assuming you wagered a bet on it), 5,000 coins will come in your direction.

Are there bonuses here too?

Find three or more scattered dollar signs and you can enter the Tailgate Bonus. Sounds good? It is – it enables you to find some scratch prizes. The more dollar signs you find, the more options you get. Three, four, or five of the signs will allow you to pick two, four, or seven prizes respectively, so that is good news. Even the smallest quantity – two picks – gives you a good outcome from the bonus though. Of course, the more the better!

You won’t find free games on offer in Tailgate Blitz, but the game does provide you with a cool bonus, nonetheless.

Download the Tailgate Blitz slot to play it today

Who wants to go on a blitz? If you do, this game could provide the best way to do it. It has some unusual elements to enjoy for sure.