Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Cash Bandits was a huge success from the start. The sequel, obviously called Cash Bandits 2, was arguably better still. So, the big question is this - could Cash Bandits 3 be even better?

It certainly has a high bar to reach, but it does manage it - and in some style too. This brand-new slot release is set to drop on June 22nd, 2024. We'll be there to check it out, and we think you will too.

A major improvement in graphics and presentation

Let's be fair here - the first two games looked superb and still stand up well today. The competition is great, but Cash Bandits 3 is set to make a dynamic entrance this year.

You'll see some 3D graphics in this one. The previous two instalments looked great and used the cartoon cops and robbers' theme to great effect. However, this one takes the cartoon appearance that bit further.

You might occasionally see the robber creep across the reels, ramping up the action as he does so. The robber is truly wild in this game, appearing in stacks on occasion as well. You'll never be so grateful to see a crook, that's for sure!

A welcome return for the Vault Feature

The original Vault feature in the first slot game was a huge hit. It was improved upon for the sequel, offering the chance to secure even more free games and bigger multipliers.

So, can you guess what might happen here?

Yep, that's right - Cash Bandits 3 offers a chance to unlock several vaults in the bank to win up to 390 free spins. The potential multipliers can go as high as 23x too, so you could be playing those spins for a while if you correctly guess all the numbers to unlock the vaults.

Cash Bandits 3 is all set to be a massive success. We sure hope you're successful playing it too, although we can guarantee you're going to have a great time whatever happens.