Secret Romance Slots

Secret Romance is a slot that lacks real character, in our opinion. The game is themed after romantic gestures like diamond rings, hearts, flowers, and perfume, but it all needs to be more exciting. The game has nicely drawn symbols, but it's missing something compared to the more animated slot games available today. With that said, this slot has a few bonus features that will at least make your time with it enjoyable. The game doesn't play like a standard slot, and that's the thing that saves it.

Generic Wagering

Wagering is simple, but it's also minimal, and you might be unable to wager an exciting or comfortable amount. Fifteen paylines are always turned on, meaning wagering is simple and dull. You can bet a minimum of $0.15 per spin and a maximum of $15.00, and to adjust your wager value, you press the + and - symbols.

Mystery Wins are the Most Powerful Feature

The mystery symbols occasionally appear as stacked-up question mark symbols as you spin while playing this game. These symbols transform into a single stack of matching symbols at the last moment. The stacks of matching symbols often create winning combinations of symbols, and sometimes they even include stacks of scatters for huge payouts immediately.

The one symbol the mystery icons can't transform into is the heart wild, but even without stacks of wilds, you're bound to get many good wins thanks to these morphing symbols.

Double Your Wins In Scatter-Free Spins

Like many other slot games, this one has free spins triggered by scatter symbols. With three or more scatters, you get 14 free spins and a 2x multiplier on any wins. No special symbols or features start-up during this round, but you will get your biggest wins during free spins thanks to all your prizes being doubled.

We like this slot because of the stacks of mystery symbols. If it wasn't for those special symbols, the game would be dull, and we wouldn't recommend it to anyone. With that said, the slot is entertaining and worth a playthrough at least once. Try it and see why so many gamblers enjoy this slot and how you could get a good win thanks to the mystery symbols and the bonus round, especially since those two features can work together for even bigger and better rewards.