Sirens Serenade Slots

Play the epic 25 pay line slot called Sirens Serenade. Game of Thrones or Vikings fans are in for a treat. Head out into the foggy seas into a rocky island that's home to the mystical sirens. These pretty women lures sailors to the rocks with her enchanting song.

Payouts reach up to 52,125 coins. Win free spins, a 2x multiplier, and more. There's only one way to experience this gorgeous game. Find it online and start playing.

Vivid Symbols Set the Stage

The five reels of Sirens Serenade are covered with animated symbols including the island, the sailor's ship and the sexy siren herself. There are poker symbols like the J, Q, K, and A that form the base of the paytable. From there, the symbols climb in value. The siren is a wild and she takes up two spaces, so you land big wins with her help.

Bonuses Add to the Fun

In addition to the larger wild, there are scatters that trigger free spins. All winnings in the free spin rounds are doubled. You'll win up to 18 free spins with this bonus.

Play Sirens Serenade today. With the music, sound effects, and stunning graphics, it's easy to see why this game is luring players.