Love Island Slots

Love Island is one of the more unique slot games because it doesn't feel like a slot at all. Instead, it feels like you've been teleported to the set of a romantic game show, and you're trying to find love.

As you play this slot, you'll choose a character and then choose a female contestant you want to win over. The game features a stunning selection of women, and it will be very long until you're invested in your future love interest. That's the hook of this slot, and it's a pretty darned good one.

A Mid-Range Slot with 243 Win Patterns

This slot doesn't have paylines in the traditional sense, but it has winning patterns it watches for instead. There are 243 distinct patterns you can get matching symbols in and get a win. That gives you loads of winning opportunities on every spin.

Wagering is as simple as choosing plus and minus symbols to set the value from a low of $0.15 to a high of $60.00. The range is okay, but it's wide enough to appeal to most low-stakes players as well as mid-level gamblers.

Stay in the Hot Seat As Much as Possible

The trick to doing well in this slot is remaining in the hot seat as much as possible. You're in the hot seat whenever the character you chose is positioned in the central spot of reel 1, and the woman you chose as your target love interest lands in the center of reel 5. Do this, and you'll get an instant prize worth up to 20x your stake.

Not only do you get the immediate prize, but you'll start up a free spin bonus round where the low-value symbols are gone, and a wild that stops on the middle reel expands and gets a 2x multiplier applied to it. This is truly the best feature of this game, and it's the thing that's going to help you bring in as many wins as possible.

Love Island is a more unique slot than most, and it will help save you from the monotony of playing a typical slot if you're searching for something different. We enjoyed our time with the slot, and it's entertaining to cheer for your character to find love with the stunning woman you've chosen. The slot isn't perfect, of course, but it works on mobile devices, and it's entertaining enough for us to recommend it.