Reign of Gnomes Slots

Some of the characters in Game of Thrones find their way to the reels of Reign of Gnomes . This 3D bonus slot has a free spins bonus with a few extra perks to make things really exciting. Bet as little as 40 cents on the 243 pay lines or really go for it and risk the maximum $120 per spin.

Win Up to 25 Times Your Wager in the Base Game

Payouts in Reign of Gnomes are based on your wager. With the maximum $120 bet, you can win up to $3,000 in the standard game. Add multipliers during free spins, and you could win so much more.

Drop to the minimum 40 cent wager and the highest normal prize is $10. That's still an impressive return on such a small bet.

I find it best to go for the middle ground. With a $10 bet, you'll win up to $250 in the normal game. In the Ice Diamond bonus feature, I could have won thousands if I'd found all the gems. After finding three, I walked away with $100.

The Golden Wheel Bonus Feature

Three or more dragon egg scatters trigger free spins. You get 5 free spins for a trio of eggs. Four eggs get you 10 free spins, but all five get you a whopping 20 free games. That's just the first step in this rewarding experience.

At the start of each free spin, you'll spin a Golden Wheel. You might find yourself winning extra wild. You could win a 3x, 5x, or 6x multiplier. You could also get growing multiplier that climbs one digit each time you don't have a winning pay line after a free spin. If you're really lucky, you'll get a gem and play the Ice Diamond bonus game.

With the Ice Diamond bonus, you go to a new screen where there are 15 gemstones. Eight of the stones have diamonds hidden inside. Crack open the gems one by one to find the diamonds. The game ends when you find all the diamonds or crack open two empty gems. Each diamond you do find fills a pyramid with different cash prize levels. The more of the pyramid that's filled, the more cash you win.

Ready to Play Reign of Gnomes?

Before you get started, check for promotions to claim any free cash. It's always more fun when you're using up free cash and can play for a longer period of time. Select your wager and then spin or set up autoplay. You'll be spinning and winning in no time.