Rainbrew Slots

There be leprechauns in this game, but that doesn't mean you should expect to find out about any Irish good fortune here. Indeed, this theme takes you somewhere you may not be expecting. That's just part of the deal though, as the Rainbrew slot is quite unlike anything we have seen before. There's a lot to appreciate here, so let's see where this game is going to take us.

What do we know about Rainbrew?

We know the game looks amazing, thanks to some hard work from those who created it. It looks impressive and features some enterprising leprechauns enjoying some grog. It looks as though they might be making it themselves too, given the barrels and tankards about the place.

The creator of the Rainbrew slot is…

Just for the Win. You may not be familiar with this outfit, but Rainbrew has certainly helped put them on the map. There are some good reasons for that, as you can see when you continue reading our Rainbrew slot review.

Can you check out some demo play?

Yes, and we would suggest you do just that. Rainbrew has some crucial differences to other slots. Finding out how everything works before deciding whether to play the proper version is a good idea. Remember though, you can't win real prizes playing the demo. It is merely to show you how the game works.

The theme in use in Rainbrew is…

Leprechauns, of course. This is not an Irish-themed slot though, as you will see when the game is ready to try. There are no Irish icons here, just the leprechauns going about their business.

Game design details - good or bad?

Expect some reels that look rather crammed in when the game loads. The icons are not square - instead, they are rectangular, so they are shorter than they are wide. You will also spot two tubes, with a blue one above the reels and a green one underneath them.

Which slot type are we looking at here?

This is a five-reel game where the main reels have three symbols on each. There are no progressive prizes to be won in this game. There is a good assortment of icons in action, with the leprechauns understandably bringing the best amounts when you find enough of them to score a prize.

Does the game have any paylines or does it use another format?

No paylines here - instead the basic game provides 243 ways to win. However, there is a chance you could increase this to 1,125 ways if the bonus feature comes into play.

Choosing coins to bet with

Win ways slots always require a bet for each spin. The smallest one here is 20 cents, but you can increase this to as much as $100.

Where is the paytable?

This can be found in the top right corner of the game. Look out for a star featuring a dollar symbol. That takes you into the paytable, where you will discover the special features in the game. You will also see the values given to each icon when appearing in a successful combination.

What about bonus features?

The Sidewinder feature can be triggered with the aid of a special wild. There are three of these in the game, with the normal wild appearing in lots of glorious colors. All the wilds are labeled as such too, so they are very easy to see.

The second wild is a Top Wild, able to appear on the second reel. If it does, it unlocks the top reel - the horizontal tube we mentioned earlier. The Bottom Wild completes the set, appearing on the fourth reel and unlocking the bottom horizontal reel. This is how the other win ways come into play.

Whenever one of those two reels is activated, you will see other wilds appearing in the game. This, of course, could lead to more prizes.

Are there free games to be found in Rainbrew?

Yes, you can win either six or 10 freebies with three or four scattered Rainbrew logos over the reels. The logo can also trigger both the horizontal reels to activate. To do this, you must find a logo on the second and fourth reels simultaneously.

What is the game RTP for this game?

You can look forward to playing Rainbrew with a return to player percentage of 96.02%, according to the research we've done.

Our rating for the Rainbrew slot game

The game is very nice to play, with the extra reels providing further interest. The theme is good, and those three wilds add to the entertainment. Which ones will appear when you start the game? We'd need to rate this as a 9 out of 10 slot, as it would be impossible to rate it any lower.

Have any slot game winners tried this slot yet?

No doubt they have, but we would not know how well other players have done trying this one for size. We know the performance of other players does not reflect on how we might experience the game either. Always make sure you approach any slot game with a budget you can afford to play with. Never chase losses or try to bet more than you can afford to lose. That is the smart way to enjoy the game.

Play for fun to check out the features in demo mode first

Rainbrew is very different from anything else we have tried. Those two extra reels are not obvious when you begin, but they have powerful elements in store for you. Trying the demo means you will understand how everything works before progressing to the real version if you wish.

Is Rainbrew good to play for real money?

It is a nice slot you could play for a while without getting bored, thanks to the many features it offers. Make sure you are ready to check it out and to see whether you are comfortable with giving it a shot for real.

Checking out mobile play for Android/iOS

Yes, you can try this slot on any mobile device too. Load it on Android or iOS and get ready for some entertaining slot game action in Rainbrew.