Monopoly Lunar New Year Slots

New Year celebrations are always popular, so what can we expect from the Monopoly Lunar New Year slot game? The opening image doesn’t give much away, with red and gold appearing as the color scheme and little else alongside.

So, we are going to review the game here, so you can see what’s coming up. If this is your favorite board game, could this slot be your new favorite in that area?

Who has created this slot game?

It’s another dramatic and involved title from SG Digital.

Expect to find a demo at participating casinos

In some cases, you’ll still need to open an account to get access to that demo version, but you won’t need to deposit anything when doing this.

What’s the theme?

The Monopoly theme is there, of course, but as the rest of the title suggests, we also have an Asian theme in play. This also links to the red and gold colors we have already seen.

Does it boast a strong design?

Yes, we think it does, although the game doesn’t offer much as a background. This means all the attention is on the reels though, along with the pots of gold above them and the jackpots to the left. Expect lots of Asian-themed icons appearing across the reels too.

How to play Monopoly Lunar New Year

There are five reels in action, with three symbols arriving on each. You can easily see four jackpots on the left of the first reel too, fixed in value but offering promising jackpot amounts if you can reach them.

The game offers a wild on the middle three reels. This has the power to replace anything else to help you with prizes.

Are there any paylines in this game?

No, it’s a way wins game, and with the 5 x 3 presentation in play, you might already have guessed there are 243 ways to find a prize or two in each spin.

How much does the game cost to play?

There are various bets on offer here, with an unusual 22 cents per spin offered at the lowest end of things. You can reach other values too, with $20 the most you can work with on a spin.

Make sure you check the paytable

You’ll find this linked to on the screen, so you can get there and read about it when you’re ready. We suggest you explore the rules to make sure you can get more out of your time playing it.

Plenty of bonus features to look for

You’ll see the chests – more like pots really – at the top of the first, third, and fifth reels. These can show various things, including free spins, a bet multiplier, or even a jackpot bonus. You need to try and find lunar coins on the reels during the game. If you manage to spot one, you can either get a multiplier for your bet or a crescent moon. The idea is to get the moon appearing on the first, third, or fifth reel. When this occurs, you’ll receive whatever is in the relevant chest on top of that reel.

You might also find a random envelope landing on the reels at any stage during the base game. If this occurs, it contains a prize that is worth up to 3,888 credits, so it’s worth looking for!

Two versions of the free spins

If you get the Lunar Chest free spins, you’ll receive eight spins on another set of reels. These show lunar coins only. You’ll also see a chest atop each of the five reels, so there is more potential to snag other spins and features. Aside from finding a crescent moon, you might also get a full moon, and if that happens, you’ll receive the prizes from all the chests in view.

If you get the expanding reels version of the free spins, you still get eight games to play. However, you can get increased reel sizes here, and they offer anything up to 7,776 ways to get prizes. In this case, you also get coins that bring you more spins each time.

How does the RTP stack up?

This looks to be around the 95.95% mark, so not too bad but a little lower than we would like.

Our rating for Monopoly Lunar New Year

This is worth nine out of 10, although we think it takes a while to really find your footing with this one. If you can play the demo first, we suggest you do so.

Watch for the jackpot feature too

To secure one of the jackpots, you need to reach the jackpot feature. You’ll get to choose items to find property cards here. Property cards connect to the jackpots, but you may be able to find upgrade cards that allow you to play for one of the bigger jackpots too.

Make sure you start with the demo

If you love Monopoly, you might feel tempted to dive straight into this one. However, there is a lot to think about here and lots to wrap your head around before you play. This means we think you should test it out first, just to see if this is your ideal game.

Moving on to play for real

Remember to stick with a cheaper bet, so you can get more spins from your time playing this game. And be sure you know your budget and do not go beyond it.

Mobile action in the slot game

Monopoly Lunar New Year is available on Android and iOS devices as well, so you’ve got the best chance to play this game when you’re ready for it on the go.