Twister Wilds Slots

The weather has inspired a few online slots before now, but we've got news of an awesome entry to that area of slot games right here. Welcome to our complete, in-depth review of Twister Wilds - a title that surely reveals a hint of the action to come. Wrap up warm, settle in, and let's see what the weather might bring…

Who created this game?

This is another delight to come from Realtime Gaming, now known in some quarters by their new branding, Spin Logic. Depending on where you live, you might see either of these names over the other, but the game is assuredly from the same team.

You'll be able to access the traditional demo too

Get the wind up by accessing the practice version of this game, so you can see whether you're likely to progress to the real version.

This one has a breezy theme!

The twister part of the title certainly doesn't keep much under wraps. You can bet there will be plenty of action along the way, and we are indeed given a theme based around this twister version of some windy weather.

An awesome design to explore

The game is set outdoors, of course, and you can spot lots of animals that seem to have gotten caught up in the tornado that appears to be blowing through a farm. You'll see cows and pigs among the unfortunate creatures being blown around, but it's the twister itself you'll want to look for, as we are about to find out.

Let's play Twister Wilds slots today

Right, so we have five reels in this game, but you'll see five symbols landing on each reel with each spin, so there's a lot to look for. The twister appears as a wild symbol on the third reel, and transforms into an expanding one as well, whirling around on its entire reel. The game also has two progressive jackpots, and you'll see those at the top of the set of reels in action in Twister Wilds. There is also a weather vane to look for, and we'll learn more about that symbol in a bit.

Lots of paylines to contend with in Twister Wilds

If you like plenty of lines to bet on, there are 50 of them in this game.

Looking at the potential wagers to use in Twister Wilds

It's early days for this game, so we don't yet have a firm handle on all the available bet amounts you can use while playing the slot. However, as with other games from this developer, we are expecting plenty of choice. Look through the available coin values and see which ones best suit your budget.

The Twister Wilds paytable

Read everything you can about the game before playing it, as you'll be able to see how the slot works. You can also see which of the animals and items flying around in the wind are going to produce the best prizes.

Is there a bonus to look for?

We do not have any information on a bonus round, but if we discover one, we'll let you know about it here.

Look out for some wild free spins

Truly wild too, thanks to the weather! If the expanding wild reel lands during a free game, it replicates onto another of the reels. This means you could end up with multiple wins from a single spin, depending on where the game positions those wild reels.

Better yet, we've seen a video promoting this game that shows the wild reel expanding over two other reels, which would obviously be great if you can spot it happening. And you can retrigger these free games if you manage to find the right combination to make it happen.

To get there to start with, you need three weathervanes to unlock nine spins. With retriggers available too, you may end up with more than the original nine games.

The RTP value is unavailable

This is quite usual for games from this developer, but if we get an idea of the likely parameters, we'll reveal them for you here.

Our rating after playing Twister Wild slots

We enjoyed this one, with the cartoon graphics keeping things amusing during the action. The replicating wild reels during the free games are obviously the highlight, along with the promise of some progressive jackpot potential along the way. Few

are going to receive those prizes, but we'll be rooting for all those who play the game. We think there is enough here to give this slot game 8.5 out of 10 points.

We'll let you know about any progressive jackpot winners

Who knows how long it might take to find out more about these winners? Who might scoop the jackpot first? Let's find out as we keep an eye on what's happening with Twister Wilds.

The demo lets you see how windy things can get

Yes, we know you might get two or even three twisters on the reels during the free spin round. Keep an eye on that middle reel in the base game too, as a few wilds there could change the way a single spin goes.

Play for real at participating online casinos

Spot this among the titles you can play for real at any casino with Spin Logic slots. Is this going to be a new favorite?

Expect to try it on mobile handsets too

From Android to iOS, you can certainly make sure you get the chance to play the Twister Wilds online slot game whenever you like.