Hyper Wins Slots

What does the name Hyper Wins say to you? Hyper means being fired up for something. We guess that since we’re talking about a slot game, we’re fired up for some prizes… or wins, according to the title.

So, what’s in store for us if we choose to play this one? That’s what we asked ourselves, so we gave it a try and we’re bringing you the results of our research here.

Information about the developer

The game comes to us from Spin Logic, which is the new name for the famous brand Realtime Gaming (RTG).

You can count on spotting a demo version too

Whenever you spot this game at a casino, you can count on it offering a practice alternative to the real thing. This is the ideal way to see how the game works before you play it for real.

A few words about the theme

Hmm… is there a theme in this one? If there is, it’s a mild one, as the game presents us with letters and symbols on the reels. There is a dramatic background, but nothing that really gives us any sense of a theme other than a slot game presentation.

Expect a polished design

There may not be much of a theme here, but we do have a polished appearance for all those symbols. It’s a colorful one too, which makes it better to play on smartphones along with regular computers.

Let’s play the Hyper Wins slot game

We have a three-reel slot here, offering three symbols per reel, so we get a square format. There aren’t any progressive jackpots, unfortunately.

The game does include a wild, and this is a beautiful multicolored moon. You can use this to substitute for almost everything else, the exception being the bonus star

symbol. This is a blue star with a golden surround.

How many paylines do we get?

None, as this is a Pays Anywhere game. This means you need three or more identical symbols landing anywhere in view to get the relevant prize. So, you could get between three and nine identical symbols in a spin.

How much does it cost to play Hyper Wins?

This slot game has a minimum spin wager of just 20 cents, so it’s a reasonably decent one to play. You could bet other values too though, going up to the maximum of $10 per spin.

The info button takes you to the paytable

As you’d expect, this appears in the lower portion of your screen, taking you to the information you need.

Bonus features in the Hyper Wins slot game

The middle line on the reels is the Bonus Line. If you manage to land three identical symbols there (not including wilds), you’ll see them all change into wild moons before your prizes are paid. These are known as Hyper Wins.

Free spins from bonus stars

Finding between three and nine of the bonus stars anywhere in view on the same spin will bring you between five and 200 free spins, depending on the quantity found. You’ll get more wild moons on the reels during these games, along with regular prizes receiving a 2x multiplier. This does not apply to any Hyper Prize wins you might receive.

If you found four or more stars to reach the free games, you’ll get the Hyper Prize bonus first. This gives you a chance to pick at least four spots on the reels to unearth prizes. The number of spots you can pick equals the stars you found to go through to the feature. The minimum trigger of three stars does not unlock the feature.

The RTP doesn’t appear anywhere

This is quite common for slots from this developer, so it’s nothing to be too concerned about.

Our rating after playing the Hyper Wins slot game

We should say that this game looks simple when you first view it. However, there is

a lot more on offer than you’d think. Being able to score prizes for three or more symbols landing anywhere – yes, even in a column – is ideal. And with the two Hyper features up for grabs, it’s one of the best three-reel games we’ve seen. We are scoring this at 9/10.

What’s the best symbol to find for a prize?

The best one is the green square, offering up to 20,000x your bet if you manage to complete the grid with nine of them. Of course, you could replace one or more with wilds to get the same effect.

Play Hyper Wins as a demo to start with

This gives you a better sense of what’s in store for you, so you can see if the game is ideal to play.

Play for real from 20 cents per spin

This is a superb game and one that we think lots of players will love. The icons spill from the top of the game screen down the game area and disappear, so it looks different to the usual gaming presentation. At 20 cents per spin, this is ideal to play.

Mobile availability is there too

As you’d expect, you can grab some action on any iOS or Android smartphones or tablets too.