Lava Gold Slots

Lava Gold Slots

There is clearly a volcano getting ready to blow in the background to the set of reels on offer in Lava Gold. It's obvious there's going to be some lava in this game, but where does the gold come from? The Lava Gold slot game is packed with rocky icons and dinosaur eggs too, so it looks as if we're heading back to the time when they were wiped out. Let's see what this slot game might hold in store for us along the way.

Who is the developer?

The game comes from the large collection on offer from Betsoft.

Demo gaming available

You can usually find a practice version to try for all Betsoft slots, and that's certainly true of this one.

This one revolves around a popular theme

There are lots of dinosaur-themed slots around today, but this one takes a slightly different stance. It focuses on the day they were wiped out, or at least the time just before that.

Betsoft gives us yet another engaging design

We have the volcano we already mentioned. We have plenty of letters and numbers on the reels, all made from volcanic rock. We also have some dinosaur eggs, the famous T-Rex, and various other symbols, all packed with detail.

Learn how to play Lava Gold today

This is a five-reel game, with five symbols landing on each of those reels. The title doesn't come with any progressive jackpots.

It does have some volcanic wilds in action, and this wild replaces everything else, so it's a powerful one. There is no scatter involved though.

How many paylines does Lava Gold have?

There are none in this game; instead, you need to form clusters of five or more identical icons to earn a prize.

Where do you stand with the bets?

You need one bet per spin to play the game. The cheapest available wager is a quarter, and you can go through the various amounts available to reach the largest wager, which is worth $3.75. This was a lot lower than we thought it might be, so they're obviously aiming at the lower budget players with this one.

It's a good idea to read the paytable before you play

This always holds true, of course, and especially so with this game, where there are various elements you must know about before getting underway.

Does Lava Gold have any bonus features?

You can expect winning clusters to vanish on the reels whenever they appear. However, you won't see the usual tumbling reels or similar elements in play. Instead, the symbols appearing next to the vacated spots can grow into those spots. This means you might end up with another prize, in which case the same thing happens again until nothing is won, or until the entire grid is filled with the same symbol.

Free spins and how to find them

There are some free spins in this slot game, but they're found in an unusual way. Instead of finding three scatters, you need to find a prize involving each of the available symbols in the game apart from the volcano. If you look to the right of the grid, you'll see a bonus meter that keeps track of your progress.

Once you've got to the top, the game awards you with 10 free spins. For each spin, the middle column will always contain the same symbol. This means you're assured of a prize each time, since there are five symbols in a single column. You also receive an increasing multiplier, which starts at 1x on the first spin and finishes on a whopping 10x for the last free spin.

How does the RTP stack up?

We look for a minimum of 96% if possible, and Lava Gold sits at 95.99%, so it's the tiniest fraction below this.

Our rating for Lava Gold

This slot game is amazing, and it soon becomes clear that it offers several elements you may not have seen before. The dinosaur theme has a little twist here too, so it feels new even though some parts of it are anything but. We're ranking this one as a 9/10 game. See if you agree.

Where do the biggest prizes lie?

Lava Gold slots goes for the predictable in offering the T-Rex as the best prize winner. Obviously, the more you get in the cluster, the bigger the prize. It also depends on how much you bet on that spin. If you landed all 25 symbols as T-Rex icons on the final free spin, you'd also get a 10x multiplier on that prize.

Take this slot game for a demo spin today

This is the best way to figure out how the game works and how much you might like it.

Play for real whenever you see the Betsoft logo

Lots of online casinos include games from this popular developer, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find Lava Gold slots to play.

You can even access the Lava Gold slot game on your mobile device

Whether you love Android or iOS devices, you're good to go with this one.