Animal Arcade Slots

Animal Arcade Slots
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How many times do you spot animals in an online slot game? Probably plenty of times, if you’ve checked out as many slots as we have. However, we have an Animal Arcade to visit here, which does seem to suggest there will be lots of animals involved. You won’t be disappointed in this game if you try it, but you should be aware it is very different from anything you’ve seen before…

Are you ready to explore this arcade?

Who created this game?

The title was created by Arrows Edge. They’re famous for creating lots of great slot games, but this one is different from those.

Be sure to check out the demo first

This is especially important in this case, as the game is nothing like a regular slot.

So, is there an animal theme in store here?

Yes, that’s the theme and you can see plenty of animals on your screen. We spotted a snake, a gorilla, a lion, an elephant, and lots more besides. The details for the game also reveal this is themed as an Asian Gaming House slot.

This one has a colorful design for sure

Indeed, it does… with some unusual color combos that do suggest that Asian connection. The animals appear in cartoon form too, which slots in nicely with everything else you’ll see on the screen.

Make sure you understand how the basics work

For starters, there are no reels here. Instead, you get a ring pattern of icons going around the edges of the game screen. There are various icons shown in that ring. Before each spin, you choose which symbol(s) you want to bet on. If on completion of the spin, the symbol you chose is highlighted, you will get a prize.

Some of the symbols have multipliers next to them too, which means if you get a prize associated with that animal, the multiplier will come into play.

So, no paylines then?

No, nothing of the kind appears here. You simply need to decide which animal(s) you want to bet on before each spin begins.

Betting options

The betting amount for each animal varies. If you select an animal and you decide to clear that bet instead of proceeding with it, you can hit the coin stack icon with a line through it. This is seen to the left of the reels.

The minimum coin bet is 50 cents and the largest is $10. The coin value increases by 50 cents each time.

Read the paytable to understand more about the game

As you’ll see, this is essential if you want to understand how the game works.

More about the Double Win bonus feature

Not a bonus as such, but it does give you the chance to enjoy a double re-spin that begins from the position the highlighted spot is on. You’ll see one clockwise spin begin, followed by one that goes anticlockwise. According to the paytable, you’ll receive a prize on each spin.

What about some free spins?

Yes, it is possible to get a free spin if the highlighted square lands on the free spin symbol (it says just that – FREE SPIN). In this case, the spin you’ve just had becomes the free one, so your cash is returned, and you then receive a re-spin. It sounds a bit odd, but it still qualifies as a freebie, so that’s good.

What is the game RTP value?

The average return to player for the Animal Arcade game is given as 94.39%. The minimum is 94.35% while the maximum is 94.44%, so there isn’t much leeway between them.

Our rating for Animal Arcade

This is a great game once you get used to how it works. If there was ever a bigger need to try the demo first, we cannot think of it. We’re rating this as an 8 out of 10 game. It’s not strictly a slot as you would understand it, but if you fancy trying something different, we think you’ll like the game once you get used to it.

What could winners expect to pick up in prizes?

It depends how much you bet, of course, but each animal has its own multiplier value as a prize if the highlighted area should land on it. The hawk is the cheapest at 2x, while the tiger is the most valuable at 100x. There is also a tiger icon shown as 50x on the game screen.

Make sure you play the demo version before trying it for real

It shouldn’t take long to get used to how everything works and what you need to do to try and score a prize. However, if you bet on the game for real before figuring out how it works, you might be disappointed. It’s best to get a full understanding of the slot first.

Play for real at casinos offering Arrows Edge games

While most of their titles are slot games, this one shows they do have some variations to offer. Play the real thing at participating casinos when you spot it.

You can play on mobile as well

Arrows Edge has released this new game for playing on mobile platforms as well, which is great to know.

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Animal Arcade Slots

Typebonus, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50
SymbolsDouble Win, Elephant, Free Spin, Gorilla, Hawk, King Cobra, Lion, Panda, Rhino, Tiger
Bonus roundDouble Win Feature, Free Spins Feature
SoftwareArrow's Edge
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